We’re not just a business. We build relationships with our customers for life! If you are not satisfied, we don’t expect you to pay. That’s our commitment and our guarantee to you!

VIP Classic Moulding has been providing customers with top-notch service for over 15 years. We go the extra mile to make sure you get what you want and need, from design to implementation.

With a team of five-star rated experts, VIP Classic Moulding is committed to their customers’ needs and satisfaction. From crown moulding installation and finishing services like painting and wood trimming to basement remodeling and custom renovation – we do it all.

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Custom Renovations

Custom Renovations

Your custom home begins with VIP Classic Moulding. We offer the highest level of design expertise and professionalism you expect from your home renovations company. We are your full-service custom home renovations team.

We build the finest luxury custom homes in Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Oakville, and Mississauga. Our team of project managers, architectural engineers, and construction experts have built hundreds of projects across the GTA creating stunning living spaces of unmatched quality and beauty.


VIP Classic Moulding offers results-driven home renovation services:

Home Renovation – Is it time to modernize the look of your home? VIP Classic Moulding offers complete home renovation services from kitchens to bathrooms. We work with you to develop a design plan that improves the look and functionality of your living space whether it’s replacing cabinets or a complete renovation from scratch. We improve the look and value of your home with results that exceed your expectations.

Home Additions– Are you ready to let your home start earning you money? Or do you need to add more space to accommodate new living arrangements? The choice between renovation and home expansion can be complicated. We make it easy by working with you in the early planning stages to come up with a design to show you just how easy a home addition can be.

Whether you are adding a rental space or garage to your home, our team of construction professionals can build your addition so that it seamlessly blends with the existing look of your home. Not only does this improve the look and feel of your home, but also adds exceptional curb appeal and value.

Custom Home Renovation

Your home is the most important thing you own, so when it’s time to do a home renovation, you want to ensure it includes all the design elements to make it a truly wonderful place to live. VIP Classic Moulding offers custom home renovation solutions that elevate the look of your home, with finishes and materials that give your home the modern and luxurious feel you want.

We manage the entire building process so you can feel confident that all the details are being taken care of and your project remains on budget and on time.

  • Planning and Permits
  • Design Renderings
  • Construction

We ensure that every element of your custom home renovation reflects your discerning tastes and style. We specialize in creating spaces that fit the modern aesthetic homeowners desire from minimalist to traditional.

We build with the future in mind, taking into consideration how your needs will change over time. We help design living spaces that stand the test of time so you can enjoy your custom home renovation for many years. We build with vision and creativity to create a space that meets your specific needs with limitless design possibilities.

Begin Planning Your Custom Home Renovation

Enjoy the home you deserve with custom home renovation options that allow you to improve the look and design of your home. Home renovations are one of the best ways to increase the value of your home while creating a space you truly love. VIP Classic Moulding can help you make this a reality with a team of building and design experts who are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your custom home renovation project and invite you to reach out with any questions. We are your trusted partner to create a modern and elegant living space backed by professional expertise and craftsmanship.

Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding

For over 15 years we’ve managed to install crown moulding in over +1000 homes and condos across the GTA. Installing crown moulding is the fastest way to make any room instantly stand out, for a richer interior that is pleasant and timeless. Statistics show that crown mouldings increases property value by two to three folds from the initial investment. And in many cases, homes were easier to sell after their interiors were upgraded with crown mouldings. VIP Classic Moulding received five-star ratings from our customers for helping achieve their goals in a cost effective way. Whether you’re looking to install crown moulding in your new home, or whether you’re looking for a better resale value, our team can help.

We do more than crown mouldings. We can also take care of your ceilings with waffle/ coffered ceilings. As well as your walls with wainscoting, beautiful baseboards, and pot lights installation. Our goal is to ensure that we provide you with the best interior trim products and perform seamless and precise installation.For a professional service you can trust schedule an appointment with our estimators for a FREE no obligation quote. VIP Classic Moulding is a five star rated trim carpentry company in Toronto, Be sure to read our reviews on HomeStars and Google.

We serve the GTA including: Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Aurora, Newmarket, Woodbridge, Maple, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Caledon, Nobleton, Clarington, Uxbridge, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Whitby, Stouffville, Scugog, Port Perry, Barrie and more.
Call VIP Classic Moulding for a FREE consultation over the phone.

What are the costs involved in installing crown mouldings?

Price varies depending on the size of the moulding and the height of ceiling.

How long do installations take on average?

1-2 Days.

What are the mouldings made of?

MDF and Wood.

Will there be a lot of mess done in the process?

Cutting of mouldings will be performed outdoors. As per the inside of house, we will cover all the floors with cloth or construction paper.

Will painting be needed after the job is completed?

Yes. It is better to paint, since the mouldings are primed white. However, VIP Classic Moulding also offers painting services.

Do you offer free estimates? And when will the estimator come for a visit?

Estimations are free and they will be performed within 48 business hours from the time of request.

What are the deposit requirements?

We ask for a payment only after the job is completed.

Waffle Ceiling

Waffle Ceiling

tyle inspiration comes from colonial and Italian architecture and gives a very vintage feel to your interiors. Just like the name suggests, waffle design divides your ceiling into squared cavities with design on the edges. It gives a whole new personality to your house.

Benefits of Waffle Ceiling

If you have a popcorn ceiling and are totally bored with it, a waffle ceiling is a great way to replace it. You will see an instant oomph added to the overall look of your house with this kind of a ceiling. It truly increases the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Waffle ceiling may be a vintage form of interior decor but there are also some pretty modern and minimalistic ways to improvise it. You can customize the waffle ceiling according to your own sense of style.

If you have been thinking about elevating the value of your home for future resale, a waffle ceiling is something that you should totally invest in. It will give a USP to your property and attract the best bid.

Waffle ceiling also gives you a nice ceiling for decorative lighting. Waffle style is the best design for pot light installation that will beautifully brighten up your space.

VIP Classic Ceiling- Your Ultimate Moulders

Our core values of ‘customer satisfaction’ and ‘quality over quantity’ are very important to us. They are reflected in every project we undertake. We work not just to do our job but to follow our passion.

VIP Classic Moulding staffs trained professionals who uphold these values and work tirelessly to do the best work in the business. We honour our warranty policy and convey it clearly to our customers.

In years of providing services to our customers, we have received many positive reviews and work to maintain our standards. We treat your house like our own. Our commitment to our customers and other core values make us different from others in the business.

Hassle-Free Waffle Ceiling Process

The waffle ceiling installation is quick and hassle-free with VIP Classic Moulding. Here’s how we do it:

  • We don’t just pick it and fix it. We have a unique design consultation approach giving importance to every room.
  • We agree on design and budget after a complete discussion with our customer.
  • Only the highest quality of MDF material is used in our work. We either manufacture it in Canada or import materials from qualified manufacturers in California.
  • On the day of installation, we cut the mould outside the house to avoid mess and damage inside.
  • Our trained technicians seamlessly install the waffle ceiling.
  • Post-installation, we clean up making sure there is no debris left.

We Offer Fair Waffle Ceiling Installation Costs

With high-quality materials, well-finished job and impeccable customer service, we make sure you get value for your money. To make it convenient for our dear customers, we do not ask for upfront payments or deposits and offer payment in easy instalments. Our aim is to offer the best quality and the best deal to our customers. With us, you don’t need to worry about waffle installation costs. Best job at a fair price is what we stand for!

Ring us up and get your waffle ceiling installed instantly!

Wainscoting Installation

Wainscoting Installation

When it comes to decorating your wall, wainscoting will never go out of style. This type of moulding is not just purposeful but also beautiful. It is a great way to add elegance not just to your walls but to your whole house. The process of wainscoting involves adding frames and panels to the lower half of your walls. Rather than plain painted walls, you can get amplified elegant walls with proper wainscoting.

Benefits of Wainscoting

If you are living in an old construction, there are definitely many benefits of wainscoting. Old constructions usually do not have damp-proof courses and wainscoting is used to protect the walls from dampness.

Nowadays, wainscoting is used to restore damaged walls and cover up wiring and pipelines in a smart and stylish way. It totally increases the aesthetic appeal of your house and adds instant elegance to your overall decor.

You can consider wainscoting to give a differentiating factor to your house so as to increase its resale value. Since wainscoting makes your house look vintage, you can pitch your property as a classic.

If vintage is not your style, you can also look for modern wainscoting. There are sleek and minimal designs that you can customize according to your own style preference. There are a variety of different styles, shapes, colours and moulds that you can pick from.

VIP Classic Moulding Offers Wainscoting At Its Best

We at VIP Classic Moulding are proud of our customer-centric values. We hold utmost regard for quality over quantity and make sure our values reflect in the work we do. We are a bunch of passionate people who treat your house like our own.

Our staff is well-trained and look at projects not as their work but as their passion. We believe in keeping an open flow of communication to keep our customers informed. We honour our warranty policy which is clearly laid out for customers.

We have undertaken many projects and have had many happy customers. Our customers have trusted us and left us their positive reviews. In future, we strive to maintain our reputation, continue to do the great work that we do and win more testimonies of our happy customers.

Efficient Wainscoting Installation Process

We make sure our wainscoting installation process is efficient, quick and hassle-free to our customers. Here is how we follow the wainscoting installation process at VIP Classic Moulding:

  • Undertaking design consultation unique to every room.
  • Agreeing on the design and the budget.
  • Bringing in only the best MDF produced either in Canada or sourced from high-quality manufacturers in California.
  • Cutting the mould outside the house to avoid damage and mess indoors.
  • Seamless installation of the mould with the perfect finish.
  • Post-installation cleaning to leave everything spick, span and stylish.

Fair Wainscoting Installation Costs

In an effort to offer value for money, we do not take upfront payment or any deposits. For the convenience of our customers, we have divided the payment of our wainscoting installation costs into easy instalments. Each instalment can be paid on a separate day.

We strive to do the best job at the best price!

Call us to get your walls looking perfect!

Decorative Trim

Decorative Trim

Decorative adds elegance and refinement to any room, creating depth and refinement you simply can’t achieve with bare walls. There are a variety of decorative trim options to choose from, each offering stunning design features that elevate the look of any room.

Decorative trims can make a bold statement or add elegant refinement to a room. The trim installation experts at VIP Classic Moulding work with homeowners to create a look that reflects their style while creating exceptional interiors that add value and beauty to your home.

The decorative trims that offer the most impact are:

    • Baseboards – offer protection against scuff marks while enhancing the look of your room. Baseboards run along the base of the wall and offer an effective solution to upgrading the look of a room.
    • Wainscotting – provides added architectural uniqueness to a room with unique trim features that add dimension.
    • Crown Mouldings – crown mouldings run along the top of the wall and add height and grandeur to a room.
    • Railings – Can be used to create decorative feature walls.
    • Casings – Used to fill gaps in wall or window frames.
    • Columns – Create height and elegance to a room or home’s exterior.


      • Decorative trims can be customized to suit the look and feel of your home, creating modern designs or elegant accents that amplify the architecture of your room.

Medium Density Fiberboard Trim

      • Our trims are made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), a study and warp-resistant wood product that effectively replaces the need for plaster or solid wood mouldings. These trims are easily and quickly installed with minimum impact on your day-to-day life, quickly transforming plain interiors into elegantly appointed and intimate settings. MDF offers design flexibility and affordability that allows you to change the look of a room without exceeding your budget. It is also designed to be resistant to warping, offering a smooth finish that easily fits into any room decor. MDF is pre-primed which means it can be installed without the need for additional surface finishing. It also offers a smooth working surface for trimming and painting, because it does not have the knots and grains of real wood. This allows you to easily create affordable custom living spaces and dramatic design features such as feature walls, waffle ceilings, and medallions that instantly create architectural focal points for your room.

Adding Decorative Trim To Your Home

      • Many modern homes are built with minimalism in mind, lacking finer details and design features like decorative trim. VIP Classic Moulding can transform your living space with trims that add dimension and character. Our team of skilled crown moulding installation experts will work with you to develop a design and look that adds value and classic charm to your home.

  • VIP Classic Moulding is the only award-winning custom renovation & crown moulding company that offers


    • 100% risk-free installation
    • Top-quality products
    • No damages or mess to your home

    Quality of work and our reputation are our number one priority. That is why all our clients receive a warranty certificate after job completion.

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Perfection From Any Angle

One of the reasons why we are unbeatable in the crown molding industry in Toronto is that we custom hand-pick the best crown molding products for each project and top it with a top-notch installation.

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Recent Projects

Custom Renovations

Discover the beauty and luxury in our latest project Maple Shugar. This full home renovation features exquisite decorative trim, beautiful custom design and a touch of gold.

  • Mary Trenton

    We had wainscoting done in our home. VIP Crown Moldings team is professional, very efficient. Most importantly these guys are so polite and respectful, they accomplished the project right on time! They treated our home like theirs. Great experience! We will recommend VIP Classic Crown Moldings any day!

  • Mariam Elraheb

    VIP Classic Moulding just completed a beautiful project in my home including crown moulding on the upper and lower hallway, wainscoting, stucco removal, painting and electric work. I only have positive things to say about the crew from start to finish. Their work is impeccable and they completed it with skill in record time. I am very impressed with how the space looks now and will be hiring them again for future projects.

  • Mark Labuda

    I'm a little late with this post ... I met with Garry during the initial visit and after meeting several contractors I felt he provided me with the best advice and recommendation. He actually made suggestions, whereas I felt other contractors simply wanted to hear what I "wanted" and then priced me accordingly. I didn't feel pressured in any way. They offer reasonable prices for the work completed and as you can see in the pictures they did a phenomenal job! Their team of Igor and Nick took care and completed the project as promised. I have a few more projects to complete and will definitely be contacting VIP again in the future!

  • Mike and Carolyn Florio

    Gary and his crew completed a fantastic job in our home. They painted and installed crown moulding and baseboards in our bedrooms. The work was done in an efficient and professional manner. Gary and his team were very courteous and answered all our questions before any work was completed. This is our second time using this company and we are already looking forward to getting more work completed in the Fall. Thanks so much Gary and his team for a job well done. Our house looks brand new again.

  • Laura C

    I had wainscoting completed in my grand entrance. It turned out so well and really adds great detail. The workers were quick and did a meticulous job. Would highly recommend.

  • Allison

    I would like to thank Garry and his team from VIP Classic Moulding for the outstanding job they did installing new baseboards throughout my entire home, including inside the closets, the casings around the closets and the front foyer entrance are beautiful. Their expertise and craftsmanship shows in the work they do they as they had to deal with walls that are wavy and not squared. They had a two day timeline to complete the job and even when I added to there work ( they added decorative moulding to the inside of my front door to make it match the closets and created a step that covers the ugly cement step that went out onto my balcony) and they still finished on time,, very clean and professional, taking great care when having to move heavy furniture and not damaging the floors, I am absolutely thrilled with the job they did I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for any kind of baseboards,moulding ,trim work, etc. I Will definitely be calling them in the future to do my crown moulding,, Great job guys I can’t Thank you enough!!! My home looks so beautiful now.

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