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15 Modern and Traditional Wall Paneling Ideas

Over the years, wall panelling ideas have evolved and become a staple in many model homes. What’s equally as exciting about these ideas is that there are many affordable options that are simple enough to achieve as a DIY project. Whatever your taste or your style, there are wall design panels out there for you.

Acoustic Wood Veneers for Modern Rustic Look 

Rustic has never been trendier than right now. It allows you to use wood strips in decorative ways that play off of light and dark shades to accomplish a dramatic contrast.

This is perfect for new builds and has a way of adding warmth and charm to a space.

Horizontal Wood Panels

Vertical paneling adds height to a room while horizontal panels make a room look wider, which is great for small spaces. One of the great things you can do with your paneling is to look for light-coloured paint for your panels and explore different textures to accentuate your walls and room.

Half-Wall Paneling for Modern Heritage Look 

Installing paneling on the bottom half of your wall can give your room a classic look that celebrates tradition and heritage.

The combination of the different textures in the room can make the space more alluring and offer a happy medium between modern and traditional styles.

Match Wall Paneling with Paneled Kitchen Cabinets 

Coordinating cabinets are a win-win in every way! This is ideal for kitchens with an open-plan concept – where one room blends into the other and creates continuity. Coordinating the paneling on your walls with your cabinets adds continuity to the space.

waffle ceiling and moulding

Paint Wood Paneling in Modern Colour

Modern decor is all about colours and textures and finding the right combinations that make a room pop.

Consider also painting window frames and door frames with the same vibrant colour on your wood panel walls.

Use Panels Instead of Tiles

Installing wood panels on your walls is a quick way to update a room without making extensive changes. Panels are quick to install, easy to maintain and offer a great alternative to bathroom tiles. Installing new ceramic tiles require a significant amount of prep work. On the other hand, you can easily place panels over existing tiles without prepping the wall beneath.

Add Bold Colours

Have some fun with your space and use colour to highlight certain areas in your room and create visual excitement.

If your room looks dull, paneling is the answer. It also offers additional insulation and a protective layer as well.

Shiplap Wall Paneling

This wooden paneling made from long planks and mounted horizontally makes the room feel bigger. Add a fresh coat of white paint and this completely transforms your room into a modern space.

Custom Panels wall

Dark Wainscoting Wall Panels

Dark panels create a timeless appeal and add to the depth of the room. Black wall panel contrasted with light-coloured furniture and decor can punctuate the room magnificently.

You can install paneling on a portion of your wall or the entire wall for maximum visual effect.

Picture Frame Wall Panels

Adding wall panels to the lower portion of your wall can be used to accentuate the architectural style of the room. It makes a statement and can give a subtle elegance that blends perfectly with your home.

Oak Wall Panels

Floor-to-ceiling oak panels can add a dramatic finish and give a room historic charisma and charm.

Wood is a valuable material in décor, and oak paneling on your walls may increase the value of your home.

Wall Paneling with Frames

Create your own gallery with pieces of art framed over wall paneling. Go with either white or another light colour for your panels. This will blend well with your interior decor and allow your art to shine without the distraction of a bold background.

Wood and Wallpaper

Many associate wallpaper with an outdated look, but it can be blended with wall paneling to achieve a modern look.

Pairing classic wall panels with wallpaper styles can create a stunning interior that gives traditional rooms the modern touch they need

Wallpaper over Wall Paneling

These two wall ideas can be blended together to produce a creative and sophisticated finish. This can be perfect for worn wood paneling where the wallpaper is used to conceal imperfections.

crown moulding and wainscotting

Board and Batten Paneling 

One of the modern offerings particularly in new homes is board and batten paneling.

It’s one way to make older homes look more modern while retaining some of the charm of traditional rooms.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring modern and traditional wall paneling ideas. Contact our experts at VIP Classic Moulding to discover more exciting modern trends for your home!

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