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5 Myths About Crown Moulding

Are you looking for a simple way to elevate the look of your home’s interior? Choosing to install crown moulding is an excellent way to improve the aesthetic look of your home all while increasing resale value. Crown moulding is elegant, classy, and timeless. It can also make rooms look bigger and grander. But many homeowners might shy away from calling contractors for crown moulding installation because of some common misconceptions or myths that tend to spring up all the time. So in the spirit of shedding some more light on the matter, the design experts at VIP Classic Moulding have come up with a list of the five most common myths about crown moulding and why they’re all wrong!

Myth #1: My ceilings are too low for crown mouldings.

This just isn’t true. When applying crown moulding for ceilings, those that are lower than average actually work great! In some cases, they trigger optical illusions that make the room look bigger than it is, that includes the ceiling height! Crown mouldings will make your room look elegant and taller in the process. There are many widths of crown moulding or you can even go with a custom size. VIP Classic Moulding’s experts will advise you on the perfect size to fit your home.

Myth #2: Flimsy crown mouldings will add just as much value to my home.

Because installing crown moulding can increase the value of your property, using cheap and hastily-made materials will not help you achieve that objective. Flimsy crown moulding will look cheap and won’t help you attain that elegant vibe that you’ve been going for. This will negate any value you may have added to your home. Not only that, but the cheaper materials will wear down faster over time, requiring more maintenance and faster replacement. While there are many affordable crown moulding materials for you to choose from, you can also opt to pick finer high-end woods to achieve the ultimate feeling of luxury.

Myth #3: Crown mouldings should always be white.

While white may be the most common colour for crown mouldings, you should know that they don’t always have to be white! Many homeowners make the mistake of not matching their crown mouldings with existing trim or mouldings in the home. For example, many older homes have dark, wooden trims which clash with pure white crown moulding. You should be painting or staining your crown mouldings to match the other trim and moulding throughout your home. Our moulding experts can help you pick the right primer and proper paints to achieve the proper long-lasting look that you desire.

Myth #4 “Crown moulding is not good for rooms with kids”

Can crown moulding be used in a child’s bedroom or playroom? The answer is yes! Many people think that crown mouldings aren’t strong enough to withstand the rigours of child play, as kids are typically free-spirited when it comes to the treatment of household interiors. However, you can purchase crown mouldings built specifically to withstand more rough play, made from materials such as high-density polyurethane, which are perfect for kids’ rooms. You could also use the new crown moulding as a reason to inject a pop of colour into the space. Use kid-friendly, bright colours like pink, orange or green to create a fun and unique vibe in the room. Another helpful tip is to use moulding known as “chair-rail” moulding, which acts as a kind of buffer to keep walls from being damaged, scratched or dented during playtime.

Myth #5: All the crown mouldings in your home should be the same style.

At first, you might think that every piece of crown moulding in your home needs to match for the best flow and style, but there is no rule against mixing and matching mouldings between rooms. Just like different rooms can be different colours or be decorated in a different theme, your crown moulding can be adjusted to properly compliment whatever motif you have chosen. 

Modern Crown Moulding

Now that you know the unvarnished truth about crown moulding and why it’s a good choice for virtually every homeowner, it’s time to take the next step! VIP Classic Moulding’s professional contractors and design experts will help you select the perfect trim pattern, texture and colour for your home. Our trained installers will execute a first-class job and treat every client like gold. Are you ready to get started?

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