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Acoustic Wall Panels

Have you ever overheard a conversation across the room that you know you definitely shouldn’t have heard? Or worse still, have you been the one engaged in said conversation? If so, you could have used acoustic wall panels. These are wooden panels that are lined up against the room’s walls with gaps in between for sound absorption and distribution. This blog post will explore acoustic wall panels and how to care for them.

Benefits of Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels

There are many reasons why acoustic wood wall panels can be a wonderful addition to your home or office. Besides the sound-related benefits, there are also aesthetic ones to consider.

Let us tackle just a few benefits, beginning with sound quality.

Where to Install Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic slat wood wall panels work well in any room where residual noise reduction or even sound distribution would be beneficial. Although this isn’t an exhaustive list, here are a few rooms where these acoustic wall panels are installed and would be an amazing addition.

It can be hard to get on with your work when you’re distracted by different sounds around the office like sniffling from that one coworker across the room who insists on coming in even when sick.

Bars and restaurants can be overwhelming because of so many competing conversations and music. As amusing as it may be to eavesdrop on other patrons’ drama, it can be frustrating for those who want a quieter atmosphere.

Some patients are absolutely terrified of going to the dentist. It surely doesn’t do them any good to hear the sound of the dreaded drill or maybe even the distressed noises of fellow patients who fear the dentist.

What is worse than sitting through an uninspiring lecture? Probably not being able to even hear it clearly. Having clear sound may not make the lecture any more interesting, but it at least solves the other problem.

Some showrooms can have echoing issues, especially if the room is built with a lot of glass, tile, hardwood, or stone or has high ceilings. Truth be told, echoing is only fun in childhood.

The shopping experience can be sensory overload for some. Loud people and music, bright lights or colours, different scents, it can all be a bit much. You can at least work on the hearing part by dampening some of the sound through acoustic wall panels.

Whether you’re trying to evenly balance the lively cheers or the disappointed boos following a performance, acoustic wall panels are the way to go. It might be for the best if you can’t easily pinpoint which corner the boos came from.

Whether you are discussing the details of a confidential contract or are trying to contain passionate disagreements, acoustic wall panels are definitely something to invest in.

It can be relaxing listening to someone practice music. But sometimes, you want some peace and quiet. That’s even truer when the music leans more towards cacophony than a beautiful melody.

Need installation guidance? Our amazing blog has you covered, from where to install it to how to get it done. And if you’re looking for quick solutions, we’re here to help with your installation needs!

Soundproof vs. Acoustic Wall Panels

When deciding what the sound issues in your room are and how to address them, your two options are soundproof and acoustic wall panels. The difference boils down to whether you want to reduce sound or completely eliminate it.

Soundproofing attempts to eliminate any noise coming into or going out of the room. This is perfect for recording studios. There are several soundproof panels on the market, but they often promise more than they deliver. The best they do is dampen some of the sound. Thorough soundproofing often involves additional construction to increase the mass of the walls, thus blocking sound.While acoustic wall panels do reduce some of the sound bleeds going out of the room, their primary focus is on dampening or clearing up the sound within the room. They work well in spaces where there are many competing sounds, such as a restaurant, or where there may be too much echo, like an auditorium.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Acoustic wood wall panels are incredibly easy to clean. You can use the small nozzle of a vacuum cleaner to get in between the panels.

The panels themselves can be cleaned by wiping them with a slightly damp sponge wrung in water mixed with gentle dish soap or another non-chemical product. Do not rub or soak the panels.

Take Control of Sound and Style

You don’t have to put up with sound issues in your room. If you’d like to reduce background noise issues and enhance the sound quality of your room, then acoustic wall panels are definitely the way to go. You can make your room look even more chic while you’re at it. For a free quote, contact us online.

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