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All About Wainscoting Height

Wainscoting is an elegant design feature to elevate the look of a room. Once used to protect walls, wainscoting is now a popular decorative trim to add detail and definition to a living space. To ensure you get the best look for your space, place wainscoting in the right place to suit the height and size of a room. Let’s look at some helpful wainscoting dos and don’ts to guarantee a perfectly designed room.

Proportion is Key

One of the key components to placing wainscoting is proportion. Many homeowners choose to install a wainscoting accent wall to add grandeur and sophistication to a living space but struggle with placing wainscoting at the right level in relation to room size.

For example, in a library, you may want the wainscoting to sit higher since the room will have taller bookshelves and grandeur furniture. If you are adding wainscoting to a bathroom, you may want it to sit lower in line with countertops or bathtubs. In this case, many homeowners may go with beadboard panelling which can be easily cut to suit a room’s scale.

Rule of Thirds

How high should wainscoting be

How high should wainscoting be? This answer can be found by applying the rule of thirds. Using this approach will allow you to find the right wainscoting height for your space. Start by taking the height of the room and dividing it into thirds. So if you have a 9-foot room, divide it into 3-foot sections. Wainscoting should go from the floor up 3 feet for the best look.

If you have a larger room or vault ceilings, take the same approach. So a room that is 15 feet high would be divided into 5-foot sections and the wainscoting height would sit at 5 feet.

Adjust for Balance

Enhance the grandeur of a room for wainscoting

As we noted, rooms can exceed the traditional rule of thirds. Some rooms can be higher, stretching upwards of two stories such as in entryways. Some rooms may have details that affect the placement of wainscoting such as fireplaces, countertops, or appliances. In this case, it is important to adjust for balance so that the wainscoting flows naturally with the room’s decor and design.

If you have large windows that extend below the rule of thirds, then the wainscoting should be adjusted to remain within the 3-foot range for continuity of the eye. Similarly, if you have a large fireplace, the wainscoting should be higher to just below mantel height. This will allow the wainscoting to enhance the grandeur of a room.

Wainscoting Solutions

Wainscoting Height Solutions

To ensure you are making the right wainscoting design choices for your home, it is helpful to speak to an expert. The team at VIP Classic Moulding can create a design that reflects the beauty and elegance of your home. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your wainscoting designs fit with the look and feel of your room and are installed in the right location for design consistency. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you design your home with endless wainscoting options.

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