Baseboard Installation

Baseboards are connecting boards that run the length of the floor and wall, concealing imperfections in the hardwood, carpet or laminate. They are both protection and decoration, as they protect against scuff marks on the walls and conceal imperfections. Baseboards are a common household staple, and can be found in almost every home. As they get scuffed and dirtied quickly, they require a fresh coat of paint every few years in most cases.

Adding baseboards to your home can lend a dramatic effect to the décor, and will imbue your walls with elegance and offer protection.

What are Baseboards?

Baseboards are generally made from wood and painted over in white. Many places offer plastic, plaster or PVC baseboards. They come in a variety of lengths, from 12 to 16 inches and can be customized to fit your home’s décor. Often they are installed in conjunction with crown moulding or wainscoting. VIP Classic Moulding used MDF or Medium Density Fiber baseboards, which offer the versatility and look of plaster for a lesser price, and are resistant to warp caused by temperature changes. MDF mouldings are commonly used in Canada for these reasons. Our baseboards are primed and ready to paint any colour of your choosing and are produced from the highest quality materials.

Baseboard Installation Services Toronto and the GTA

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VIP Classic Moulding offers affordable baseboard installation throughout the GTA and surrounding areas. If you’ve ever attempted to install baseboards before, you will know how tricky the process of measuring and fitting these boards actually is. Very often DIY jobs are compromised by poor measurements, ill-fitting joints, and shoddy carpentry. For this reason, we always recommend you hire a professional to fit and install your baseboards. As our company creates the parts for your baseboards in the shop, we can offer you superior craftsmanship than any store-bought baseboard of the wooden fixture, along with easy and seamless installation. Baseboard installation can be a quick and easy process if you hire VIP Classic Moulding.

Baseboard Installation in Toronto

If you wish to replace your existing baseboards, or merely update their look, we also offer an application of a decorative moulding to the top to gain the look and feel of taller, more dramatic baseboards meant for rooms with higher ceilings.

Our company specializes in all forms of decorative trims including baseboards, mouldings, coffered ceilings, and wainscoting. For a look at our previous baseboard projects visit our project gallery. To view what baseboards we stock visit our baseboard product page.

VIP Classic Moulding Services

VIP Classic Moulding was established in 2001, in Toronto and have since served the GTA loyally. Over the years we have developed a steady clientele through excellent moulding, pot light, ceiling and other installation services. We have over the years developed the company and now focus on design, and incorporate modern trends into the installation of pot lights, hardwood, MDF trim work, wainscoting, painting and full basement finishing and remodelling. Our team of professionals is committed to our customers, putting the needs of clients as their utmost priority. We ensure that our customers will be provided with the knowledge and experience they deserve, and we are utterly dedicated to providing the best service on any project, with any budget. Our teams are equipped for both home and business work, and we are happy to undertake large or small projects. To learn more about our services, please visit our website. For inquiries and estimates please contact us at 416-670-8000 or email us at We offer free on-site estimates.

Baseboards in a finished basement