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Bathroom Wainscoting

You can create a luxurious-looking bathroom without having to go through an entire renovation. Wainscoting adds a level of sophistication and elegance to your space. In just a few hours, you can take your bathroom from boring to beautiful with unique wainscoting designs. Wainscotting is a great choice for your bathroom wall because it requires very little time to have it installed. You can have a completely new look in your home in just a few hours. You can also choose a pattern or design that blends easily into your existing home decor allowing a free and stunning architectural flow throughout your home. Let’s look at how you can incorporate wainscotting into your bathroom redesign and look at some of the benefits of wainscotting.

What is Bathroom Wainscoting?

Before you begin your bathroom redesign, it’s important to understand what wainscoting is and how it can transform the look of your bathroom. Wainscoting is wall paneling that is installed on the bottom half of a bathroom.

It comes in several varieties designed to fit your budget including the more affordable wainscotting with molding. No matter what design you choose, wainscotting will instantly elevate the look of your bathroom.

Difference Between Panelling vs. Wainscoting

There are several different types of wall decor to choose from when doing your renovation. The two most popular being beadboard and wainscotting. Beadboard is generally used to cover the entire wall. Wainscoting is used on the bottom half of the walls. It’s helpful to spend time thinking about how your bathroom will be used before deciding which type of wall accents you might like.

Panelling is usually made out of wood while wainscoting comes in a variety of materials including plastic, vinyl, solid wood and medium density vinyl. If you are looking to define your space, you might enjoy a wainscoting accent wall. If you are looking for something that instantly changes the look of your bathroom without a lot of work, then beadboarding is a great choice.

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Wainscoting Good for a Bathroom?

Wainscoting technology has never been more advanced. It’s designed to withstand humidity and water so you never have to worry about it being damaged.

Your installation expert will be able to tell you which type of wainscoting material is best for your bathroom location and design.

Wainscoting Height

Finding the right height for your wainscoting depends on your bathroom design. A general rule is bathroom panels should be 38 to 42 inches high or one-third the height of the wall. It should not be higher than the vanity or sink level.

If you’d like it to be higher then it will make a great backsplash around your sink. A rule of thumb is to keep wainscoting below 54 inches to ensure a good design flow.

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Wainscoting Styles

One of the biggest benefits of wainscoting is the design versatility. There are countless looks you can create with traditional and customizable wainscoting. 

Flat Wainscoting – This type of wainscoting has no grooves, beads or bevels. The only visual change will be the gaps between the boards. These can be hidden using metal strips or wood. 

Board and Batten Wainscotting – If you want to have a bigger impact with desig, then this is the right choice for you. The vertical moldings or battens will give your bathroom a lot more personality. 

Raised Panel Wainscoting – Raised wood panels add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. They are frequently used along with wainscotting and come pre-assembled for installation. They are made from polystyrene or MDF boards that attach the molding of flat panels. 

Beadboard Wainscoting – Beadboard is the most popular wainscoting style, and has vertical grooves with raised beads. Most beadboard measures 32 to 48 inches long and 3 to 4 includes across. You can buy larger panels if you want a more bold look. 

Overlay Wainscoting – This is a hybrid of raised and flat panel wainscoting. They can be lined with molding to enhance the look of your bathroom even more.
Shiplap Wainscoting – This type of panelling is weather-proof and sturdy making it the perfect choice for bathrooms with high moisture levels. It’s made from long horizontal planks that overlap as they are installed.

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We hope this helps make the decision of panelling vs wainscoting easier for you as you start your bathroom renovation project. The wainscoting professionals at VIP Classic Moulding can help you find the right wainscoting for your bathroom project. We guarantee to have it installed properly so you can enjoy a brand new looking bathroom in no time!

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