Why Should I get Crown Moulding in My House

white moulding installation Toronto

Crown moulding for ceilings has been an integral part of building construction and design since Ancient Egypt. They have remained a popular addition to home construction because they are a quick and easy way to cover the flaw. Crown mouldings give your room a more elegant look and makes the ceilings look higher.

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How to Install Wainscoting

wainscoting trim installation

Many homeowners, house flippers and DIY-lovers are turning to wainscotting as their next renovation project. The wood panelling is used in many homes to accentuate the lower parts of walls and distract from any damage or for lack of a better term ‘ugliness’.

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Crown Moulding: Installation, Costs, and Materials

teal crown moulding

Incorporating crown moulding into the design of the homes and workspaces of Toronto is increasing every day. Modern crown moulding adds beauty and flair to entryways, cabinets and ceilings, making the interior design of any room fabulous and intriguing. If you are considering installing crown moulding in your home or office, there are a few things to look into.

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Wainscoting – Definitive Guide

Wall Paneling Toronto

What is wainscoting?

Have you ever walked into a room and been immediately captivated by the decorative panels on the walls? If so, that’s the subtle yet alluring effect of a well-executed technique called wainscoting. Wainscoting is the dressing up of interior walls using panels, boards and mouldings that enhance the appeal of the room. Wainscoting height is typically set at one-third of the wall.

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Living Room Trimwork Ideas

coffered ceiling installation

If you’re looking to amp up the decor in your home’s living room a great idea is to focus on the trimwork. “Trim” refers to the specifically linear wood elements that are used to seal the gaps at the transitions between the floors, the walls and the ceilings of a living room.

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Crown Moulding Ideas 2020

beautiful crown moulding ideas GTA

A simple yet effective interior design idea to shake up your home is installing crown moulding. This minimalistic trim brings a lot of elegance to a room, and it’s a small touch that can truly make a big impact. For this reason, we’re listing 5 crown moulding ideas, some conventional, others you wouldn’t even think of!

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