Coffered Ceiling – All You Need To Know

If you are planning to remodel your home, perhaps upgrade the outdated look to give it a more contemporary, elegant look, coffered ceiling designs are the perfect solution.

What is a Coffered Ceiling?

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Coffered ceilings use recessed panels to create a 3-dimmensional design on your ceiling. This elegant ceiling style was first used in 79AD by the Romans and Greeks who used the staggered beam construction to give their heavier buildings extra support and structure. The elaborate ceiling style became popular again during the renaissance or baroque period when the wealthy aristocrats installed coffered ceilings in their homes to as a symbol of their wealth. Today, coffered ceiling ideas are a popular way to give your room a more modern look while adding depth and drama to the area.

Coffered ceiling gets its name from the Latin word cophinus which means basket and the old French word cofre which means chest. The decorative ceiling ideas are typically designed in different polygonal shapes including squares, rectangles, octagons, circles, hexagons, and diamonds. The recessed panels are made of different materials including various types of wood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), high density urethane foam (HDU), and plaster. There are four styles of coffered ceilings including traditional, rustic, geometric, and contemporary.

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Benefits of a Drop Coffered Ceiling

There are many benefits to installing this decorative ceiling design. They can be installed in commercial and private dwellings to give depth and height to a ceiling so the room looks bigger and more sophisticated. The 3-dimmensional grid gives the room a contemporary, elegant look while adding definition to open areas. Adding coffered designs to your ceiling helps muffle sound by reducing echoes and unwanted noise transfers. Coffer ceiling designs are a great way to cover blemishes and outdated paint or textured coatings on your existing ceiling.

Coffered ceilings are beneficial additions to any room. In older homes, the historic design helps maintain the property’s heritage and authenticity. In more modern rooms with high ceilings, coffered designs give the room a cozier look. Coffered ceilings add more depth and height to rooms with lower ceilings. Suspended coffered ceiling tiles are perfect for basement remodelling projects because they give the space a beautiful, finished look.


Coffered Ceiling Considerations

Coffered ceilings are a decorative feature that enhances the look of any room. However, before adding this ceiling style to your room, there are a few things you should consider first. Coffered ceiling designs can be added to any room however, they work best on ceilings that are at least nine feet high. If you are adding them to lower ceilings, the indentations should be shallower to avoid creating a closed in, claustrophobic feel to the room. The higher the ceiling, the deeper the indentations should be. When planning your design keep in mind the headspace requirements when deciding how deep the indentations should be.

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Coffered Ceiling Cost

On average, the cost to install a coffered ceiling is $25 per square foot. However, there are several factors that affect the price that you need to consider. The size of room and type of material you use to make the beams should be considered when calculating the total price. Wood is the more expensive material but prices vary depending on the type of wood you use. Because installing coffered ceiling styles requires someone who has carpentry skills, most building owners hire professionals to install their coffered ceilings. If you hire a contractor, labour costs will be added to the estimate. At VIP Classic Moulding, we provide free quotes, competitive pricing, and easy payment options on all our coffered ceiling installations.

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How to Build a Coffered Ceiling

If you have the know-how to install your own coffered ceilings, one of our professionals can help you plan each step of the process. To install your own coffered ceiling designs:

  • Design a blueprint of your ceiling on paper so you can figure out the right measurements and dimension of your ceiling and coffers.
  • Choose the number of beams you want along with their depth and width.
  • Measure and draw your coffered panels placement on your ceiling using chalk so you will know where and how to place them.
  • Using 2×4 or 2×6 size lumber, position the main base beams first. They should run perpendicular to your existing ceiling joists and be securely attached to your ceiling using a strong adhesive and a nail gun.
  • Construct the faux beams. It is recommended that you paint or stain the wood beams first to make the construction and installation easier.
  • Alternately, you can build the three-sided boxes for the faux beams, then lift and install them directly onto the framework.
  • Frame the bottom and sides of the faux beams directly onto the base beams.
  • Once the beams are installed, add decorative your trim and ornamentation pieces to your ceiling style to complete the desired look.

Waffle Ceiling vs Coffered Ceiling

Waffle ceilings are similar to coffered ceilings. The biggest difference between the two ceiling ideas is that the waffle ceiling is a subset of the coffered ceiling where the beams cross each other to create a repetitive geometric pattern.

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Coffered Ceiling vs Tray Ceiling

When considering a coffered ceiling vs tray ceiling, the difference is in the design. Coffered ceilings combine cross beams and infill panels attached to the ceiling to create a grid-like design throughout the entire ceiling. This type of geometrical design gives the room depth and drama.

Tray ceilings have an oval or diamond shaped drop boarder that runs along the perimeter of the ceiling. The middle of the tray ceiling is raised to give the room a more grandiose, open look.

At VIP Crown Mouldings, we are experts in coffered ceiling designs installation. During our free consultation, we can provide advise and recommendations based on your home’s layout to help you choose the best ceiling for your home. Most ceiling style projects are completed within a day so there is minimal disruption to your routine.

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