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Consider This Before Painting Crown Moulding

Crown moulding and trim can elevate the look of your room, and create a more luxurious and refined space. But should crown moulding be the same colour as the wall? This is just one of the things to consider when brainstorming crown moulding colour ideas. We have assembled a list of other important factors to consider, ensuring you choose the best way to paint crown moulding.

Where Is Your Crown Moulding Placed?

Crown moulding is placed around the top of the room where the ceiling and the walls meet. It is used to create dimension and detail with a variety of options to choose from including simple designs to more intricate patterns. The design is chosen based on the look and level of luxury you want to create in your living space. It is also determined based on the size and design of a room to create maximum impact.

For example, if you have a high ceiling, then you are going to want crown moulding that matches the colour of the walls to help make the room feel smaller. If you have a lower room, then you will want crown moulding in a different colour from the walls to create contrast and make the room feel bigger.

What Kind of Crown Moulding Do You Have?

The type of crown moulding you choose can also influence the right paint colours. If you have a classic Victoria style, then you will want a crown moulding colour that is simple and more natural. If you are going with a variety of styles around your home, then consider adding a pop of colour.

Choose colours that match the walls in the room to create uniformity. If you have matching trim types throughout your home, then it is advisable to keep the crown moulding colour the same throughout.


Should Crown Moulding Match the Walls?

This question once again comes down to the space you are working in. If you are in a large space, then matching crown moulding will help make it feel more cosy. If you are in a small space, then painted crown moulding will give a sense of grandeur and make a room feel larger. It is also helpful to consider the colour palette you are working with when deciding if painting crown moulding is the right choice.

If you are painting your walls a dark colour, then consider keeping the crown moulding white to create a visual break and make a visual statement. If you are painting your walls a soft colour, then a bold crown moulding colour can add dimension and give your space character. If you are adding trim or panelling to a room, then you may want your crown moulding to be complimentary.

Should Crown Moulding Match the Ceiling?

Most crown moulding matches the ceiling to create uniformity. However, it can be fun to break the rules, particularly if you have a ceiling that is waffled or has geometric trim. A white crown moulding paired with a ceiling that is painted can make a bold, yet elegant statement.

It can also create a sense of grandeur in a room and give a more luxurious feel. It can also help make a room feel bigger and more inviting for guests and entertaining.

Should Crown Moulding be White?

Crown moulding does not have to be white to look great. But you do want to consider the overall look and feel of your room before making any final decisions. Usually, crown moulding will match the ceiling, which is most frequently white. You also want to consider resale value.

Adding crown moulding can enhance the value of your home and increase the chances of making a sale, so going with a neutral colour is more likely to be pleasing to potential buyers.

Should Crown Moulding Match Other Trim?

Again, this is a place where the rules don’t always apply. Many rooms have dark trim on the walls, which would not be enhanced by crown moulding. In this case, particularly if the ceiling is white, it is better to stick with a white crown moulding.

If you are working in grey scale, then painting the crown moulding a matching colour may be a great design option. But your crown moulding never has to match trim or baseboards to look great. Play with colour and let your creativity guide you.

What is the Best Finish for Crown Moulding?

You want your crown moulding to have a subtle impact on your room’s overall design. So it’s important to choose a finish that reflects this. Most design experts will recommend a high gloss or satin finish.

This will give your space an added elegance and will give your space a finished look. High gloss and satin finishes are also highly durable and can stand up to daily wear and tear.

We Paint Crown Moulding!

If you are ready to create a spectacular living space with crown moulding and trim, then contact the experts at VIP Classic Moulding. We help you find the right style and colour for your room design. Our installation experts will also define your room with moulding and trim designs that add a touch of refinement. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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