Modern Crown Moulding Ideas in 2022

Modern Crown Moulding Ideas in 2022

A simple yet effective interior design idea to shake up your home is installing crown moulding in 2022. This minimalistic trim brings a lot of elegance to a room, and it’s a small touch that can truly make a big impact. For this reason, we’re listing 5 modern crown moulding ideas of 2022, some conventional, others you wouldn’t even think of!

The beautiful thing about crown moulding is in the name itself: moulding. What we mean is that you can pretty much customize the crown moulding material (often MDF or wood) to fit into any crevice, room, and design concept.

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Where the Walls and Ceilings Meet

When people think of crown moulding, they instantly visualize it around the ceiling. This is the most common way to install crown moulding, and the reason being is to cover any imperfections in the room’s corners.

Moreover, this method of crown moulding installation is the least invasive, in the sense that it adds an element of chic but in a very subtle way. So if you’re looking to spice up a room that makes your guests go, “Oh!” without really disturbing the overall design of the area, this crown moulding idea is right up your alley!

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Crown Moulding Around Your Windows

Windows are usually seen as a means to an end. When people install windows, they’re simply thinking of a model that can outlast harsh Toronto weather and fulfill its seasonal duty of ventilation. However, windows are actually a wonderful opportunity to install crown moulding.

Instead of letting your living room, windows become “just another part of the house,” why not take them to the next level? When you install crown mouldings around your windows, they immediately seem larger, and the room appears much brighter. It’s a crown moulding idea we definitely recommend!

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Frame an Archway

Installing crown moulding around an entryway gives it a classy look that’s also timeless. Let’s be real here: crown mouldings will never go out of style. As the most simplistic form of interior trim, homeowners have sought crown mouldings since the 1850s, and it’s unlikely they will go away for the next few decades. So, don’t worry about how having to remove your crown moulding anytime soon. Install it around an entryway and enjoy that added hint of taste.


Elevating Storage Space

If you have built-in shelves in your house or want to install a wall unit, crown moulding is a fantastic detail to add. Crown moulding creates the perfect transition between storage cabinets and the ceiling. You may even install crown moulding in between and around shelves.

If you’re trying to preserve the colour schemes in a room, have no fear. Crown moulding is super flexible, and the material (whether wood or MDF) can be easily painted in any colour. Add a glossy finish to the mouldings while you’re at it, eh?

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Accentuate your coffered ceiling

Interestingly, different types of interior trim complement one another pretty well! If you have a coffered ceiling installed in a room, add a bit of crown moulding to its lower edge for some oomph. This simple trick gives depth to your waffle ceiling and turns it into something a little more exciting.

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There you have them—our top 5 modern crown moulding ideas! If you’re interested in interior trim and would like to be inspired, you may contact our experts. Get a crown moulding design consult from our industry trim installation specialists to find out what’s right for your home.

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