Crown Moulding in Bathrooms

Crown Moulding in Bathrooms

Crown moulding can add elegance and sophistication to any room. The team at VIP Classic Moulding can transform your bathroom, creating the perfect relaxing oasis.

Many modern homes lack feature accents to help accentuate the beauty of a space. Crown moulding can add architecture detail to help enhance the beauty of a bathroom.

Not only does it help finish off the presence of a room, but it can also add height and depth. No matter what the size of your bathroom, crown moulding can be custom cut so it looks like a natural architectural feature.

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Why should you choose crown moulding?

Bathrooms tend to have more moisture in them in other rooms, so the accents you choose need to be able to withstand exposure to water and steam. Crown mouldings offer a variety of material choices so you never have to worry about mold or mildew like you would with other materials.

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Difference Between Plaster Crown Moulding and PVC Crown Moulding

Plaster Crown Moulding is perfect for high humidity settings. There is no swelling or shrinking when exposed to different temperature and humidity variations. It is also an affordable accent option when you want to add a bit of opulence to your living space. It’s high resistance to warping makes it highly desirable to those who want to invest in quality for their bathroom.

PVC Crown Moulding is another great option in a bathroom. Made from PVC or plastic, it offers high resistance to moisture and is the most ideal choice for a bathroom. Like Plaster Crown Moulding, it is not affected by shrinking or expanding. It can also be easily painted giving homeowners more options in matching their decor theme or design. It is also an affordable option for homeowners on a budget.

What is the best crown moulding option when you have a small space?

Crown moulding may seem like a big step for a small bathroom. Luckily it is easily cut to fit small spaces. Mouldings can be as small as 4 inches and with very fine detailing, so you never have to worry about it overpowering a room. In fact, crown moulding often makes a bathroom seem larger as it creates height in small spaces.

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Where can I put crown moulding in my bathroom?

Most homeowners want crown moulding to go along the top of their bathroom, but there are lots of architectural options available to enhance a room even more.

  • Around mirrors – frame an ordinary mirror with luxurious looking crown moulding for added elegance.
  • On walls – add fine detail to your walls with crown moulding. It will create more depth to your bathroom.
  • Around windows – does your bathroom have a window that needs a little enhancing? Crown moulding can create a space to leave toiletries as well as add extra beauty to your bathroom.

The crown moulding experts at VIP Classic Moulding want to help you make your bathroom as beautiful and luxurious as possible. A 10-year warranty means you never have to worry about the quality and superiority of the materials being used and their ‘Top Choice’ rating in Toronto means you are working with a team who cares.

Call now to arrange a free consultation with one of our experts.

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