Crown Moulding: Installation, Costs, and Materials

Crown Moulding: Installation, Costs, and Materials

Incorporating crown moulding into the design of the homes and workspaces of Toronto is increasing every day. Modern crown moulding adds beauty and flair to entryways, cabinets and ceilings, making the interior design of any room fabulous and intriguing. If you are considering installing crown moulding in your home or office, there are a few things to look into.

In this article, we’re discussing the nooks and crannies of crown moulding installation, what goes into the whole process, and the variety of crown moulding designs you can choose from. Keep reading.

Install Crown Moulding

How to Install Crown Moulding

Although it is tempting to pursue the DIY route for crown moulding projects, the installation is best left to a professional. Before the crown moulding installation begins, measurements have to be taken, the walls must be assessed, and a quote must be calculated accordingly.

bent mdf crown moulding

Crown Moulding Material

When you begin to consider installing crown moulding, there are several options for your ceiling, entryway or cabinet crown moulding needs. These crown moulding material options include:

Solid Wood Crown Moulding

Out of all the crown moulding options, solid wood is one of the most popular among homeowners. It adds elegance to your space with a rustic feel and allows for clean angles when crown moulding corner blocks.

wood moulding Richmond Hill

MDF Crown Moulding (or Medium Density Fibre)

This is the most common and the best choice for a trim that includes paint. MDF crown moulding is best suited for a space with humidity as it will not be affected.

PVC Crown Moulding

If you are looking for a crown moulding for your bathroom then look no further than this plastic-based option. Best for moist environments, installing PVC crown moulding means you do not have to worry about mould and mildew for a long time.

Flexible Crown molding

Crown Moulding Cost

After looking into the various crown moulding design options, you are ready to create a budget for yourself and look at crown moulding prices. On average the cost to install crown moulding is $4 to $8 per linear foot. This cost includes the materials used, the price will depend on the crown moulding style you choose, and the cost of labour to install the crown moulding.

To get the best bang out of your buck, we recommend hiring a crown moulding installation company that offers a warranty on interior trim projects.

The Bottom Line

Here you have it: our beginner’s guide to crown moulding installation. If you have any questions about this interior trim upgrade, contact our team. As crown moulding specialists, we are happy to address all your questions.

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