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Having a shelter is a necessity for everyone. Along with that people prefer to have some comforts and luxuries too. Adding amenities to your home makes life convenient and easy to live. Along with the addition of these comforts you can make your house look chic and elegant.

How can you do it then? There are many ways of doing this. One of them is doing some additions like installing crown moulding. The decor of the house gets enhanced with such additions.

When crown moulding is done to your house it becomes a visual treat. The elegance of the place gets enhanced by this method. Also, the flaws of the house get hidden by this method.

Crown Moulding Trim Installation in Progress by VIP Classic Moulding Maple

Crown Moulding Types

You can use different materials for installing crown moulding.

  • These are
  • Plaster
  • Wood
  • Medium density fibre board also called MDF
  • Polyurethane
  • Poly vinyl chloride of PVC
  • Flex
  • Polystyrene

There are pros and cons of each of these crown moulding types. The experts from our side may advise the use of the one that will suit your need. If you like the idea you can use it or you can also suggest some design or plan and we can work on it.

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Amazing Coffered Ceiling in Custom Family Room Maple

Decorate With Coffered Ceiling

Is installing the crown moulding the only method of enhancing the decor and look of the interiors? No. You have other methods too to make your house look elegant and chic. It is by the use of coffered ceiling installation. This is also a trimming method with which the flaws of the walls and other places of the house get hidden.

From our end, the skilled workers can give you suggestions as to which are the best for your home. A coffered ceiling is done using coffered panels called coffers. These are architectural panels suspended from the ceiling. To give a stylish and chic look to the ceiling and the whole room.

Our experts have many ideas on how to create such panels. You can use one of the coffered ceiling ideas from our experts and use which appeals to you.

Amazing Backlit Ceiling with Potlights Maple

Add Recessed Lighting to Your Home and Office

Now you can see that adding some elements to your home can enhance its look. To add some more elegance you can improve the lighting in your home too. You can add some pot lights or a few recessed lighting fixtures to your home.

Adding these not only will improve the looks and make the house chic and lovely but also it will make the house more comfortable and convenient to use.

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If your idea is that these additions are made only for boosting the look then it is a wrong notion. Yes, these installations like the coffered ceiling and crown moulding do add to the decor but they also make the corners, the cabinets and the other places in the kitchen, living room and so on more convenient to use. Then with these supplements, you include recessed lighting fixtures your house looks really gorgeous and will make many heads turn when they visit your place.

So call us at 416-670-8000 to attach such installations to your place and make it attractive and modish in look.