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Love dimensions and characters in your house? Go for a coffered ceiling which is the most popular kind of ceiling these days. It not only adds design to your room but also elegance. The coffered ceiling has a grid of bold beams which adds beauty to your dull and boring ceilings.

Experts of Coffered Ceilings in Markham

Experts of Coffered Ceilings

VIP Classic Molding is an expert company that provides coffered ceiling services in Markham. We believe in providing top-quality products and meeting high standards when it comes to our installation services.

Our company’s professional team can provide you with the latest coffered ceiling ideas to transform your room as per your taste. We also believe in maintaining the traditional look. We are the most contacted and the prompt ceiling and moulding service providers in Markham.

The coffered ceiling is one of the classical components of architecture. It has a traditional design like floral or frills. However, to add a modern touch to this ceiling, we sometimes remove the floral and frills. It has a series of square or rectangular recesses on the ceiling.

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Amazing Custom Ceiling Design Markham

Ceiling Design in Markham

The design of this ceiling needs to be very precise otherwise the irregularities will not lead to the desired look. It is necessary to machine the components in our shop and not on-site in order to maintain precision. Therefore, coffered ceiling installation is quick and less messy at your home.

This kind of ceiling has a grid of sunken panels too. These panels can be divided and accented by various kinds of moulding. These are crown moulding and cornice moulding. These help in creating a waffle-like pattern which gives it a commanding role in the room.

There are various coffered ceiling designs that we have introduced. These have been created to meet the unique needs and preferences of our valued customers. To name a few, we have wainscoting, Tuscany and custom ceiling designs too. All these designs are created as per the areas our customers live in and their budget. This categorization of designs helps us in maintaining the long life of these ceilings.

VIP Classic Moulding Markham

VIP Classic Moulding Markham

The evolution of the designs and materials used for coffered ceilings has led to a dramatic increase in their demand. Every company has these kinds of ceilings. However, it is only with VIP Classic Molding that you can be assured of the quality of the products and services.

Our company has been providing excellent service since 2001 to our customers in various regions. We are also very proud to say that our business has grown based on referrals from our incredible customers. Our aim of providing the best advice and service to our customers remains the same. Our priority is our customers. Our team provides knowledge to our customers about the coffered ceiling installation and designs according to their budget as well as preferences.

VIP Classic Molding is the only company in Markham that provides you with 10 years of warranty for our products and services. So, it’s time to sit back and experience the VIP lifestyle!

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