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Modern Family Room with Crown Moulding Trim Mississauga

Quality Crown Moulding Installation in Mississauga

Owning a beautiful home is a matter of personal choice. There are many options available, which can up the glamour quotient of your home. Among them, Moulding stands as a priority. Moulding is the process of giving shape to a liquid by using a strong frame known as mould. When we talk about adding elegance to a home, we broadly mean incorporating crown moulding.

The traditional crown moulding is a variety of decorative strips, which is utilized at a point where the wall meets the head or ceiling, along with a curved appearance and chamfers on the boundary. The Quality crown moulding installation in Mississauga is not very easy to find, but when you have VIP classic moulding in your area, the battle is half won. We are experts in installing crown moulding that will add elegance and style to your property.

Classic Hallway Design with Crown Moulding Mississauga

What We Offer for Crown Moulding.

We do Quality crown moulding installation in Mississauga by using mouldings made out of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). We use MDF owing to its excellent durability and cost-effectiveness. Even the problem of shrinking and warping that is evident in plasters is nonexistent in Medium Density Fibreboard.

We have been in the industry for the past 15 years, and over the years we have gained the expertise to handle both traditional and modern methods of crown moulding. We also deal with coffered ceiling design and recessed lighting to enhance the charm of the property.

In Progress of Painting Crown Moulding After Installation Mississauga

Types of Mouldings

  1. The installation of Medium Density Fiberboard- We are experts in the installation of this low-cost material. It’s sturdiness and resistance to moisture and temperature makes it an ideal choice for many customers. The material bears resemblance to plaster moulding, but is much cheaper than plaster.
  2. The installation of solid wood moulding- This type of moulding is performed with the help of wood produced by Oak or any other hardwood. The moulding is very popular due to its sophisticated appearance, but is not very sturdy, as it loses its shape with changing temperature.
  3. The installation of Plaster moulding- This form of moulding is quite expensive, but it is the most durable, environmentally friendly and customizable. The stylized homes extensively prefer using plaster moulding, for creating an architecturally rich structure.
  4. The installation of PVC moulding- The installation is mostly used for houses that are prone to moisture and insect infestation. The plastic moulding is extremely flexible and resistant to breakage.

Why Choose VIP Classic Moulding

We only keep MDF mouldings, as it best suits the temperature of Mississauga, but our experts have all the skills and knowledge to successfully implement any type of moulding requirement in your home. We even offer different kinds of styles for MDF mouldings in various sizes.

Our experts are well versed to design your space based on your command. We extend our services beyond moulding and even undertake works related to wainscoting, pot light installation, and many other services. We are a licensed, insured and approved organization, and we strive to fully satisfy our customer expectations. We extend a 10-year warranty for our services so that you don’t worry about the quality of work offered to you. Just give us a call and we will be there at your doorstep to provide all services.

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