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Coffered ceiling is one of those which date back to the ancient times. It is the different technique which adds space to your room. It gives a Victorian look through the coffers and a modern one by using the latest designs and techniques. Although coffered ceilings installation is simple and quick, it needs a lot of effort to make them.

Modern Hallway Design with Coffered Ceiling Newmarket

Coffered Ceilings Design

The making of coffered ceilings needs a lot of precision. This can only be achieved if it’s done at our shop. Further, it will lead to a quick installation and less mess in your homes. There is a huge evolution in the coffered ceiling designs. These new designs add elegance to the room. Few designs that we, at VIP Classic Molding have are as follows:

Luxury Living Room with Waffle Celling Decor Newmarket
  • Wainscoting: In this process, we apply wood to the walls as a protective or a decorative accent. Traditionally, wood is used in this design, but there are few plastic versions available too. A beautiful wainscoting can be done with crown molding. It will give a decorative look to you inner house.
  • Tuscany: It is a coffered ceiling design created using faux wood. It is a simple yet a very effective way to increase the visual look of a dull, boring and plain ceiling. It is made in grid shape which is much easier to install. However, more space can be created with professional service and appeal.
  • Custom ceiling design: This kind of a ceiling is customized as per our clients’ requirements and budget. It can be either single or double panel with plain or a traditional design.

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Custom Dining Room with Wainscoting Wall Decor Newmarket

Coffered Ceilings Materials

A unique coffered ceiling can be made by clubbing with crown molding. In crown molding, we generally use MDF, that is, Medium density fiber board 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 inches moldings. There are different kinds of moldings which have been categorized on the basis of the weather conditions and the areas our customers live in:

Custom Living Room with Baseboard Trim and Waffle Ceiling Newmarket
  • Solid wood: This is one of the most popular moldings found in various homes. It is generally made using oak wood or hardwood. However, we can create an elegant crown molding by mixing various kinds of wood.
  • MDF: In this, a fiber board with medium density is used. It is used in the places where the trim has paint. This is less expensive than plaster. The room temperature and humidity don’t affect it at all.
  • Plaster: it is a much more expensive option than the others. It is used where walls already have plaster. However, they can be customized as per our clients’ requirements.
  • PVC: It is made of PVC or plastic. It is resistant to insects. It is advisable for moist places.

VIP Classic Molding Ceiling Experts in Newmarket

VIP Classic Moudling Newmaket

So, don’t delay in contacting us if you are planning to get your ceiling designed. You can call our professionals too to get the latest coffered ceiling ideas which fit in your available budget. We provide the best ceiling and molding services in Newmarket. It doesn’t end here! VIP Classic Molding is the only company which gives you 10 years warranty on its products and services.

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