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When people think about upgrading their homes, they often consider major renovation projects like remodelling the kitchen, bathroom or basement. While these large projects often have great benefits, some homeowners may either not be financially ready to embark on a home renovation project of this magnitude. This is why many homeowners in Oakville are turning to VIP Classic Moulding for alternative ideas like crown moulding, waffle ceiling, wainscoting and pot light installation.

Our team is knowledgeable on interior trim renovations and lighting. We are eager to help you give your home a makeover.

Crown Moulding Services Oakville

Crown Moulding in Oakville

Crown moulding is an excellent way to give your home a facelift. The installation process is quick and easy and does not require a lot of cleanups. In fact, when you hire us for your project, our qualified crown moulding contractors can get the job done in as little as one day. Another advantage of hiring us is that our crown moulding designs are relatively inexpensive to install.

The first thing we do during a consultation is to sit down with you and listen to your ideas. Then, we help you develop the design by sharing some of the most popular crown moulding ideas. You can trust that our team at VIP Classic Moulding will work with you until you find the best option for your home.

High-quality service is a top priority for us, and we take pride in being a leading crown moulding contractor in Oakville.

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Waffle Ceiling Installation in Oakville

Waffle Ceiling Installation in Oakville

Another term for waffle ceilings is coffered ceilings. Waffle ceiling installation has remained popular for many decades because it can transform a room in a subtle yet alluring way. The right waffle ceiling contractors can help you incorporate this desired feature into your home quickly and without hassle. The coffered ceiling installation process typically takes as little as one day and is far less costly than many other interior home renovation projects.

Wainscoting Installation in Oakville

Wainscoting Installation in Oakville

Have you ever considered decorating your interior wall using one of the most popular techniques called wainscoting? Countless homeowners in Oakville have made this choice and fallen in love with their newly decorated walls. Wainscoting installation can take anywhere from 1-10 days depending on the type of design you choose.

In picture-frame wainscoting, panels made from MDF panel moulding are installed in a process that takes just 1-3 days. Panelled wainscoting uses larger panels that cover the entire wall and give your room a traditional look. This can take between 1-10 days to install.

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Pot Light Installation in Amazing Backlit Ceiling Oakville

Pot Light Installation in Oakville

Installing recessed lighting can give your home a great new look by highlighting key areas in a room and adding a dramatic visual. Recessed lights (aka pot lights) can be installed into a room without removing the entire ceiling.

VIP Classic Moulding is your expert in interior trim in Oakville. Our pot light installation services are second to none and we can be in and out of your home in no time. We also pay close attention to the pot light installation layout so that the light is distributed evenly and according to safety standards.

When it comes to interior trim and design in Oakville, there’s simply no better choice than VIP Classic Moulding. We offer affordable solutions for homeowners: MDF crown mouldings, wainscoting, waffle ceilings, and pot lights. Call us today to book your free consultation!