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Crown mouldings add elegance and style to your home. They not only enhance the beauty of a room, they also help in covering up flaws in the ceiling, if any. We are the specialists in providing crown moulding services in Thornhill. Whether the requirement is big or small, whether it is for commercial or residential purposes we offer our specialized services to all.

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Our Range of Services in Thornhill

Crown mouldings, simply stated are designs that are applied at the place where the wall and ceiling meet. There can be traditional designs or modern ones.

Traditional crown moulding has classic designs that go well with homes that were built according to a traditional architecture.

Modern mouldings are generally simple designs that give a finished look to the home. But people do apply traditional crown mouldings in modern setup. It gives the home a classic appeal and adds elegance.

Thornhill Crown Moulding Installation Services

Benefits of Crown Moulding

  • It hides uneven ceiling and other flaws.
  • Increases the appeal and monetary value of the property.
  • It makes the ceiling appear higher.
  • Makes the room appear beautiful and elegant.
Types of Material Used for Moulding

Types of Material Used for Moulding

Moulding is available in the following materials:

  • MDF – Medium density fiberboard or MDF has the look and feel of a wood moulding but unlike wood it is easy to install and maintain. It is also resistant to temperature changes. We provide mouldings made of MDF. It is cost effective, less messy and unaffected by humidity.
  • Composites – Mouldings made from PVC or fiberglass. Insect resistant, these mouldings are ideal for bathrooms.
  • Plaster – Mouldings made from plaster are very expensive and should be installed by professionals only.
  • Wood –Mouldings made from wood are expensive, require high maintenance and are a bit difficult to install. But they look very elegant and beautiful once applied.

There are other materials like foam and metal that are used to make mouldings. The moulding should be selected based upon cost parameters and weather of the area you live in.

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Other Ceiling Services in Thornhill

Other Ceiling Services in Thornhill

Apart from crown moulding, we also offer services in coffered ceiling installation and pot light fixing. They both enhance the look of your ceiling. Coffered ceiling comprises of square recesses fixed into the ceiling. Pot light fixing involves installation of light in recesses of ceilings. Recessed lighting is easy to install and is good for rooms that need be well illuminated. It is good for commercial places too. Museums use it a lot as they need to highlight objects on display. There are different sizes available that provide different intensity.

Thornhill Moulding Experts

We provide all kinds of installation services in Thornhill related to your ceiling ranging from crown moulding to light fixing. We have an experienced team of professionals who provide quality workmanship. We ensure that the workplace remains clean and tidy and no damage is done to your property at the time of installation. We offer our services at affordable costs. Customer satisfaction is our aim and we would be happy to assist you in making your home more beautiful and stylish.