Decorative Trim Installation

As a design component, decorative trim is incredibly versatile and can be used to create a variety of styles and effects. Adding richness and depth to your walls and ceiling, trims such as baseboards, wainscoting, crown mouldings and railings create a feeling of intricacy and detail. With proper use, you can add traditional elegance to your home, or enhance its modern details by using simple mouldings in spots that draw the eye. Elegance is easily achieved with decorative trims, which is why VIP Classic Moulding is dedicated to the creation of gorgeous interiors using these forms of decoration.

Various Forms of Decorative Trim

  • Baseboard trim:

    Baseboard trim is used where the floors and walls of your home connect, and is generally meant to hide imperfections and gaps between the floor finish and the wall. It also offers protection against scuffing the wall with furniture, shoes and general wear. Modern baseboards are composed of a single flat piece fitted to the wall, and offer a more contemporary and clean aesthetic.

  • Chair Rail Trim:

    A chair rail s installed about 36 inches above the floor, and is used to protect the wall from furniture marks and scratches. It can be set up at any height, and is sometimes accompanied by wainscoting, which is paneling that fills the space in between base and rail.

  • Wainscot Trim:

    The space in between the base and the chair is sometimes filled with wooden panelling in a variety of styles and forms.

  • Window Casing Trim:

    The trim around a window can be ornate and intricately detailed, set up using four separate pieces around each window.

  • Door Casing Trim:

    Much like the window, door casing separates the door edges from the walls and surrounds the door.

  • Picture Trail Trim:

    This piece of trim can serve as a support to hang a picture, and is generally used by homeowner as an ornamental piece meant to divide the wall into horizontal layers.

  • Plate Rail Trim:

    This piece of trim is meant to be used as a shelf to display collections of objects, historically plates. They may range in depth from shallow to very deep.

  • Crown Moulding Trim:

    The opposite of the baseboard, the crown moulding is placed where the ceiling and the wall come together. Crown moulding is quite formal, and adds elegance to interiors. For this reason, crown moulding installation is considered a cost effective way to enhance the look and value of your home’s interior.decorative trim samples

Decorative Trim Usage

Decorative trim is used by homeowners today as means of decoration, and to accent the walls of their interior. Trim can add interest to plain interiors, and can create an aura of high style and elegance when implemented correctly. VIP Classic Moulding Offers trims made from Medium Density Fiberboard, a manufactured wood product that is resistant to warp and is commonly used in place of plaster and solid wood in mouldings.

Our company offers custom trim and carpentry work for homes, offices and commercial locations. Our work includes standard trim work such as the above listed, as well as more extensive remodels and renovations, light design and installation and more. To view our previous projects, trim and moulding related and otherwise, visit out project gallery.


Decorative Trim Services in Toronto

VIP Classic Moulding was established in 2001, in Toronto and have since served the GTA loyally. Over the years we have developed a steady clientele through excellent moulding, pot light, ceiling and other installation services. We have over the years developed the company and now focus on design, and incorporate modern trends into the installation of pot lights, hardwood, MDF trim work, wainscoting, painting and full basement finishing and remodelling.

Our team of professionals is committed to our customers, putting the needs of clients as their utmost priority. We ensure that our customers will be provided with the knowledge and experience they deserve, and we are utterly dedicated to providing the best service on any project, with any budget. Our teams are equipped for both home and business work, and we are happy to undertake large or small projects. To learn more about our services, please visit our website.

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