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Design your Home with Crown Molding: How to Choose the Right Style and Material

There are so many ways to elevate your home with the addition of crown moulding. With so many different styles and patterns available on the market, it can be tough to know where to start.  For starters, crown moulding can give the illusion of more space and depth to a smaller room or a room that is otherwise rather bland. Crown moulding is a great way to give your home a particular style and gives the room more texture. With crown moulding, each room can have its own individual style, so here are a few ways to choose the right style and materials for the crown moulding in your home.

Crown Molding Pros and Cons

Crown moulding might not be for every homeowner, but there are some great crown moulding styles that will enhance any room in a home. 

If you want to add crown moulding to a modern home, the trick is to not go too big. There are many ways to incorporate crown moulding, even in a more modern and contemporary home.

Use Crown Molding on Walls

If your home has high ceilings, it can make the room appear larger than it really is and more open.

There are plenty of crown moulding ideas for walls to make any room in your home stand out.

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Crown Molding on Door Frames 

It’s very common to find crown moulding around windows and door frames. It not only gives the room depth and texture, but it can make the doors and windows seem bigger. 

If the colour of the moulding is slightly lighter than the wall colour or darker, it gives more style and texture to the room. It can really show off your own style and personality.

Ensure Colors Match 

For a smaller room with lower ceilings, use contrasting colours with crown moulding and the ceiling colour.

For a room with high ceilings, keep the moulding close to the ceiling colour to ensure that everything is consistent.

Choose Bold Designs

There are so many crown moulding designs to choose from. If you are trying to jazz up a certain room, crown moulding can go a long way in making that happen.

Don’t stick to boring or plain if the room isn’t meant to be. Get creative with colours and designs to make the crown moulding really stand out and accent areas of the room.

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Consider Detailed Crown Molding 

When considering crown moulding styles, think about designs and patterns.

Some crown moulding features detailed and intricate designs that can add style and taste to any room.

Try Two Different Shades

When choosing crown moulding in a room that needs some texture and depth, consider using two different shades of moulding. These will complement each other while bringing out matching colours in the room.

Mix and match with the drapes, the furniture, wallpaper or paint, carpeting, or other decor you want to draw attention to. This works well with collections in the room you want to highlight.

Create a Border with Crown Molding 

Just like framing a prized picture, when you use crown moulding to create a border, you are creating a frame around the room.

This will bring out various aspects of the room like wallpaper, paint, or other furnishings.

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Create Dimension 

Rooms with crown moulding tend to have more depth and dimension than rooms without. By adding layers of crown moulding around doors and windows, between walls and ceilings, and around shelves or cabinets, the room takes on much more depth.

Crown moulding can draw the eye upwards, or wherever you want it to go. You can make a bold statement with framed bookcases or doorways by using crown moulding.

Try Modern Crown Molding 

Crown moulding can be used to make a room look larger, minimize a space, and to accent certain areas. 

From home offices to bathrooms, there is a style of modern crown moulding that will suit every room you want to add it to. Clean and sleek crown moulding will not take away from your modern design.

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