Frequently Asked Questions about Crown Moulding

cr m 2 - Frequently Asked Questions about Crown Moulding

Q: What are the costs involved in installing crown mouldings?
A: Price varies depending on the size of the moulding and the height of ceiling.

Q: How long do installations take on average?
A: 1-2 Days.

Q: What are the mouldings made of?
A: MDF and Wood

Q: Will there be a lot of mess done in the process?
A: Cutting of mouldings will be performed outdoors. As per the inside of house, we will cover all the floors with cloth or construction paper.

Q: Will painting be needed after the job is completed?
A: Yes. It is better to paint, since the mouldings are primed white. However, VIP Classic Moulding also offers painting services.

Q: Do you offer free estimates? And when will the estimator come for a visit?
A: Estimations are free and they will be performed within 48 business hours from the time of request.

Q: What are the deposit requirements?
A: We ask for a payment only after the job is completed.