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How Much Does Baseboard Installation Cost?

Baseboards help to bring a room together. They are the final touch on a successful renovation project. There are many factors that determine the cost to install a baseboard. That’s why it is important to do your research before you begin your baseboard replacement to ensure you are getting the highest quality materials and competitive pricing. Let’s review some of the things you should consider to better plan for the cost to replace baseboards.

MDF vs. Solid Wood Baseboards 

Baseboard construction is divided into two categories, medium-density fiberboard or MDF and solid wood. Both provide a superior quality finish, but at two different price points. MDF is made from composite material, created using wood remnants. Meanwhile, solid wood is made from complete pieces of wood that have been custom cut to fit around your room. 

Homeowners should expect to pay between $1 and $1.60 per linear foot for solid wood baseboards. This cost can increase based on the type of wood used and the type of design.

A basic baseboard will cost less than a baseboard that has more intricate carving and detail. However, the return on investment on a more unique and elegant piece of baseboard will be higher. 

MDF is cheaper than solid wood, costing between 80 cents and $1.30 per linear square foot. 

It is important to remember that the cost of your baseboard installation does not include labour. Your contractor will be able to provide you with an accurate quote outlining material and labour costs, so you can put together a detailed budget and timeline.

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Paint-Ready vs. Painted Baseboards

Renovation projects can be time-consuming. That’s why many homeowners love the convenience of painted baseboards. These offer the convenience of already being the colour you want to match your room and home’s decor. Baseboards that are painted can be slightly more expensive than paint-ready, but make the renovation process so much more convenient and efficient.

Both styles of baseboards can be painted, so if you prefer, you can choose paint-ready baseboards. The baseboards are already primed, so all you have to do is put on a couple coats of paint to get the results you want.

Cost of Baseboard Installation 

There are several steps in the baseboard installation process to take into consideration when putting your budget together. The first is how much prep work is required to get your room ready. Do existing baseboards have to be removed? Do you need to remove any carpet or other flooring to begin work?

This prep work and installation will usually cost between $8 to $12 per linear foot. You will have to pay additional fees if you want your contractor to stain or paint the baseboards to complete the look of your room.

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Most homeowners install door casing and baseboards to get a uniform look for their home. This generally costs between $950 to $1,700 and will include material costs and labour. 

It is always best to hire a professional to ensure quality work so we recommended hiring an experienced handyman or carpenter who will complete the job to your expectations. A handyman may be a better investment because they generally charge a flat rate, unlike a carpenter which charges by the hour.

Should You Replace Your Baseboards?

Baseboards are an integral part of your home’s decor. They give your space a finished look while adding value to your home. After you have completed installing a new floor, the baseboard will fill in any gaps between the wall and the floor for a beautiful finished look. 

Other reasons you may want to consider replacing your baseboards include: 

  • Keeping water away from walls and reducing the chance of developing mold around your walls or floors 
  • Baseboards will keep pests away by eliminating opportunities to set up a home in your walls
  • Protects the walls and floors from scratches and damages caused by cleaning like vacuums, mops and brooms 

The cost of replacing baseboards will balance out the many benefits of choosing this type of finish for your rooms.

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