How to Choose the Correct Size Crown Moulding?

How to Choose the Correct Size Crown Moulding?

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The introduction of crown moulding to the home has many purposes. Throughout the years crown moulding has become one of the most-pursued design upgrades, proving those plain walls of a home some depth and formality.

Homeowners Who Look Into the Installation of Crown Moulding in Their Home Are Seeking To:

  • increase the value of their property.
  • add an aesthetic flair to the room of their choice.
  • ”lift” the ceiling.
  • create an effect of height.
  • and more.

Crown moulding, in the simplest definition, connects the ceiling to the wall. With this definition in mind, choosing the correct crown moulding dimensions for your crown moulding sizes is required.

To assure a homeowner gets the most out of their crown moulding there are considerations including how to pick crown moulding type to use and more importantly the correct size to choose.

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How To Choose The Correct Size Crown Moulding

When choosing the correct crown moulding sizing for your design project you must consider the size of the room you are installing said crown moulding. There are preferred sizes for crown moulding for low ceilings and crown moulding on high ceilings.

When referring to a low ceiling although it has been said, crown moulding in a low-ceilinged room does not necessarily make the ceiling feel or look lower, but you need to choose the size wisely. The crown moulding that you choose should be more vertically oriented so the horizontal dimensions should be smaller in ratio.

Whereas the reference of a high ceiling, there are specific measurements for ceilings that are 8ft, 9ft and 10+ feet.


What size crown moulding for 8-foot ceilings?

For the 8-foot ceiling height, the recommended crown moulding size is 2-1/2″ to 6″. An 8-foot ceiling is the most common ceiling height The square footage and level of formality of the room can help determine what crown size in that range is appropriate.

What size crown moulding for 9-foot ceilings?

When determining the size of the crown moulding that is proper for a 9-foot ceiling consider that a ceiling of this heigh can sustain a much larger crown, typically 3″-7-1/2″ These larger crowns are often created using 2 or more moulding profiles and they are also referred to as a ‘cornice’.

What size crown moulding for 10-foot ceilings?

For ceilings that are at the 10 feet or taller mark, a much larger crown is necessary in order to create a visual impact. Crown mouldings in more casual spaces should be a minimum of 4″ (think a bedroom or office), however in formal spaces such as grand foyers, dining rooms, and living rooms will need a crown that is at least 9″ and in some cases even larger.
No matter the height of the ceiling the best idea is to refer to a crown moulding size chart like the one below (can we place a chart here? Happy to find any to put here)

Types Of Crown Moulding

There are at least 7 types of crown moulding to choose from, each with their own pros and cons that include:



  • Often better than wood.
  • Common.


  • Price can become costly.
  • The material can crack.



  • Natural-looking


  • Can shrink with moisture or weather.

MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)


  • Low-cost alternative to wood.


  • Easy to dent or nick.



  • Stable


  • Only suited for painted trims



  • Great for bathrooms


  • Hard to paint.
  • Needs the paint.



  • Great for bay windows.


  • Cost (needs to be special ordered).



  • Can be cut with scissors or a knife.


  • Thin.

So when choosing the correct size for your crown moulding project you must consider the height of your ceiling, the type of material you would like to use and the desired effect of the crown moulding in that room. By following the guidelines above you can guarantee a successful crown moulding installation for the room of your choice.

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