How to Install Crown Moulding


So you are ready to unleash your inner DIYer and learn how to install crown moulding. Great! Today we will look at the steps you will need to take in the crown moulding installation process. Let’s begin with the different types of crown moulding you can choose from.

Where Can You Install Crown Moulding?

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When you begin to consider installing crown moulding on your own, you will be presented with a variety of options in terms of the style of your crown moulding, based on where you want to install it:

  • Wall Moulding
  • Door Moulding
  • Cornice Moulding
  • Ceiling Moulding
  • Door Trim
  • Baseboard Trim

The point of knowing where you want to install your crown moulding will determine the type of material you use for it.

What Is Crown Moulding Made of?

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Some of the options you may be presented with when looking for crown building supplies include:

  • Solid wood crown moulding
  • MDF crown moulding (aka Medium Density fibre)
  • PVC crown moulding
  • Plaster crown moulding

After measuring the area where you will be installing your crown mouldings, and choosing your materials you can get started.

Steps To Install Crown Moulding

Step 1: Cutting the MouldStep 2: Measure and Mark the WallStep 3: Cut the First Piece for The AreaStep 4: Cut Another Piece to Fit the Inside CornerStep 5: Fit and Cut the Crown MouldingStep 6: Secure Your JointsStep 7: Check the FittingStep 8: Attach Your Moulding to The Wall or Surface You DesireStep 9: Paint Your MouldingStep 10: Enjoy Your New-Found Skills

The hardest part of DIY installing crown moulding is cutting the corners of the moulding. You’re going to want to use a coping saw for this, and if you are unsure as to how to cut crown moulding you can consult a professional.

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Using a chalk stick and measuring tape, mark on the wall where the bottom edge of the crown moulding will go.

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Start by determining the length, take the moulding and use the saw to cut in a straight line at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that both of the mouldings butt against the side walls.

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Use a 45-degree angle point and set the moulding into its place. If you make sure that the edges are pressed firmly against the saw table and the vertical side fence you will have a straight up.

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Fit your pieces together like a puzzle and cut them at a 45-degree angle.

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Cutting at a slight angle, you want to cut off more from the edge of the moulding. Cut out small pieces to make creating the crown moulding joints easier.

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Again, make sure it is all placed together properly. Look for any gaps that need to be trimmed or filled in this step.

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It’s time to put your masterpiece up! For any missing spaces, you can simply use caulking to fill them up and hide them, and additional slip-ups in step 9.

Depending on the material of your crown mouldings, you can either nail or glue onto the wall.

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This is for the first time DIYers, you can paint your moulding to your desired colour to hide mistakes or create the perfect design/aesthetic.

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Stand back and look at your new crown moulding.

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And here you have it: 10 easy steps to install crown moulding in your home. Of course, it’s much easier to have a professional crown moulding installation company do the job on your behalf. So whether you want to spare yourself the hassle of a DIY project or hire an expert to do it, then by all means.

If you have any questions or need assistance on what type of crown moulding material to use, get in touch with us. Our team is more than glad to answer all your queries.

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