Install Pot Lights in Oakville

You may have the most modern home- well designed and furnished- the envy of the neighborhood perhaps, but if the lighting isn’t right, then the ambiance and the mood take a toss. Recessed lights or pot lights as they are called can lend a sense of ‘atmosphere’ to a room without actually being intrusive. That’s why they go down very well with home owners that are looking to combine efficient lighting with aesthetics.

Depending on the kind of look that you want to achieve, you can choose either a low voltage or a LED pot light. The chief aim of recessed lighting is to focus and highlight a specific spot in the room, though recessed lighting fixtures are used for general purposes also. It’s always easier to add these lights in new constructions, but invariably, they are added to existing houses. Committed to bringing the best lighting solutions to home owners, our lighting specialists place a great focus on the proper install of pot lights in Oakville.

Pot Lights Advantages

Pot lights, when correctly installed, can light up a home just the way you want it to- muted and softly glowing. Generally, these light fixtures are fixed in a hole made in a false ceiling and that’s why the lighting is referred to as recessed lighting. Although pot lights are easy to install, you need to get the spacing and layout right for the overall effect to be felt. This is where we come in- our installation specialists have the necessary exposure not only in crown moulding, coffered ceilings and wainscoting, but also in pot light installation.

Our Potlights Installation Process

  • pot lights Newmarketbroadly identify where recessed lighting is required and then pin point areas where the lights would actually go
  • Depending on whether the light should be uniformly spread or focused, we spread them out evenly starting from the center of the room or choose a focal point for your recessed lights
  • Depending on how big and how high the room is, pot lights are placed at fixed distances from each other. We start from the center so that we get a good idea of how far apart the pot lights must be
  • In case the room seems too bright, we can always control the brightness using dimmers
  • Place the lights in such a way that they don’t create shadows in any of the corners- the light should reflect off the walls as this will make the room appear bigger and brighter
  • At each light location, you need to drill a hole in the false ceiling, screw the light fixture into the socket that’s already inserted. Use an existing switch and wire to power the first light and then make the connections as you go on.

We are #1 when it comes to pot lights and our specialists are experts at what they do. Known for our prompt and skilled service, we can proudly say that our high standards and level of commitment are simply exceptional.