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Instantly Add Character to Your Home With These Trim Ideas

Does your home design feel like it’s missing something? You’ve tried painting the walls, but they still look bland and boring. Even bold colours and one-of-a-kind artwork won’t do the trick.  It might be time for you to consider some new trim ideas to add that additional layer of elegance and class. From wainscotting to vaulted ceilings and board-and-batten trim, there are many variations of trim you can use to give your home a unique aesthetic. 

At VIP Classic Moulding, our team of trim experts can help you evaluate each room in your home and help pick the best trim options to suit your taste. Not sure where to begin? We’ll take the time to educate you about all the trim types and why certain trims work better in particular rooms based on several factors including size, layout, existing furniture or decorations as well as your budget.  Are you ready to learn more? Keep reading for some inspirational wall trim ideas that can instantly add character to your home. Each of these concepts was carefully curated by the VIP Classic Moulding Team. We’ve been happily serving customers across the Greater Toronto Area for many years.

Minimal Wall Panelling

Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy or expensive to make a statement. One idea is to glue sections of medium-density fibreboard or MDF to your walls. You can prime them and paint them whatever colour you desire. For the best results, use a level to place each section of MDF.

Don’t rely on your existing walls or ceilings as a guide since these are never 100% no matter how new or old the home is.

Modern Wainscoting 

If you want the luxurious look of wainscotting without paying outrageous prices, consider using MDF boards – it has a nice finish and is very affordable.

If you’re more into the DIY route, you can cut your sections of MDF strips and use a nail gun to fasten the wainscotting to the wall. Caulk the gaps, prime, and paint your desired colour.


Simple Box Trim

You can never go wrong with a simple box trim and it takes relatively less time and labor than other types of trim. Map out where you want your boxes on the wall by literally drawing on the wall where you want them to go, carefully measuring and leveling every addition.

Then, cut the trim and nail to the wall. Fill holes, prime, and paint for the best effect. This is a relatively simple project with a professional look that will impress anyone that walks into your home.

Modern Accent Wall

A simple paint job is nice but can be boring. Instead of your accent wall, you can turn that blank canvas into a highly coveted piece of art. Get creative with your geometric shapes and lines so that they become the star attraction of the room.

If you go down this route, ensure that your furniture and decoration selections are a bit more simple or understated so as not to clash with the accent wall. And you can still get that splash of colour you want by adding it to your bedroom’s new statement wall.

Recessed-Panel Wainscoting 

Here’s another great idea from our catalog of wall molding designs. While it resembles the very popular board-and-batten trim design, recessed-panel wainscotting features beveled rectangles and squares to give you that more traditional look.

White is always a great choice, but sometimes, injecting a bright color can go a long way to making your design truly unique.

Picture Frame Wainscoting 

For moulding on walls ideas, use picture frame wainscoting when you want moulding that’s shaped like picture frames affixed to your wall. This type of wainscoting is an effective way to add refinement and elegance to any space.

For the smoothest finish, use the right kind of caulking to cover up any seams between the wall and the moulding. This would be a great addition to any bedroom in the home, even a nursery.

classic living room with custom fire place and waffle ceiling trim toronto

Highlight Artwork with Moulding 

Want more trim ideas for walls? Another type of picture frame moulding you can try is called box paneling or shadow box trim. It’s an impressive way to showcase your favourite pieces of art.

Of course, most art looks amazing on its own, but any moulding around it elevates the look, adding more elegance and refinement into the room.

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