Living Room Trimwork Ideas

If you’re looking to amp up the decor in your home’s living room a great idea is to focus on the trimwork. “Trim” refers to the specifically linear wood elements that are used to seal the gaps at the transitions between the floors, the walls and the ceilings of a living room.

Additionally, it is used around doors and windows. The use of trimwork helps to scale down the interior more effectively and nicer on your renovation budget than some other structural solutions, for example installing lower ceilings or perhaps additional walls being included in the mix. There are a variety of trimwork ideas to choose from so let us dive into a few, shall we?

Trimwork Ideas

crown moulding in bathroom

Crown Mouldings

Crown mouldings are a beautiful detail that runs along the section of a room’s walls and the room’s ceiling. Crown moulding is an excellent way to add some flare and eye-catching lines to a room, especially your living room. There are a variety of moulding styles in which to choose from. One may decide to create a compound moulding by combining different moulding styles. Additionally, accurate cuts(see available tutorials online), a very careful assembly, and a perfect finishing job ensure a high-quality job and results.

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Crown Moulding in Aurora


Another idea is decorating a living room using picture-frame wainscoting. This adds style and is less costly than installing any raised wood panelling wall frames. It will create a classic look. It has been found that these wall-frame mouldings are significantly more narrow than other mouldings. There are a variety of mouldings to choose from that include flat-band moulding, wall moulding, and contour picture-frame moulding. Ultimately you will need to choose the profile or design best fit for your living room.

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waffle ceiling and potlights in custom living room oakville

Waffle Aka Coffin Ceilings

Waffle ceilings are an excellent way to not only raise the value of your property before but also introduce a classy, clean and decadent ambiance into the living room’s architecture. A waffle ceiling can incorporate a fresh and clean coat of paint and new lighting arrangements to piece together a brand-new aesthetic for your living room and home as a whole.

amazing Fireplace Mantel in custom living room - trim carpenter toronto

Fireplace Mantels

A classic that never goes out style, if you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your living room the addition of a fireplace mantel as trimwork adds class and function to the room. Use a display for photos, or artwork or simply as a bookshelf.

crown moulding installation by vip classic moudling

Built-in Elements

While this is something you can incorporate with your trimwork you may consider built-in elements such as a bookshelf, pantry or reading/breakfast nook. You will essentially add another “room” to your living room this way.

Whatever you choose to utilize within your living room’s trimwork you will need to decide on a design, structure, and budget that is suitable for your home.

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