Pot-light Installation

VIP Classic Moulding specializes in the creation of lighting for all interiors. We design, plan and install lighting elements throughout the GTA. Among our passions are pot-lights, which are becoming a staple in many homeowner’s basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

The term pot-light refers to recessed lighting generally placed within a ceiling. These lights are among the simplest of lighting fixtures but are also quite tricky to install. Pot lights can be used to create and illuminate beautiful spaces, and have the benefit of dimming capacity. With pot lights, you can illuminate areas that need to be brightly lit, such as common areas, artworks, kitchens and other decorative elements within your home.

Benefits of Pot Lights

One of the benefits of pot lights is that they do not cast a shadow, and are therefore often used to illuminate commercial areas as well as residential ones. The lights are kept closely spaced so that any shadow case will be directed beneath your feet, reducing the amount of light needed to illuminate an area. This means that pot lights save you on energy in the long run, and require less energy to continuously illuminate an interior. This form of lighting is growing massively in popularity, and is a commonly requested installation. Because pot-lights are tricky to install and require knowledge of wiring, we always recommend that you hire a professional to help you set your interior up.

Things You Should Remember Before Installing Pot Lights

  • You need to take precautions against heat: Because pot-lights give off a lot of heat, you will need to ensure you are placing them in a well-ventilated interior, and ensuring they do not touch any foam insulation. If you are placing them in a poorly ventilated area, purchase bulbs designed not to give off too much heat.
  • You will need to re-wire your ceiling: For this reason, it’s recommended that you install pot lights while conducting other major renovations, to avoid damage to your ceiling.
  • You will need to consult with a professional electrician: As you will need to ensure that the electrical load is evenly distributed to avoid blow fuses, you should always hire an electrician to help you with the wiring of your pot-lights.
  • You will need to install waterproofed lighting in wet areas: In order to prevent any electrical issues and potential danger to you or your home, always consult with a professional when installing lighting in any area where water is used. Waterproofed lighting is available for installation.

Pot-light Installation Services Toronto & The GTA

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pot lights installation in toronto

Pot Lights Installation Toronto

VIP Classic Moulding has over 15 years of experience in lighting installation and design. We love creating beautifully lit interiors for homeowners and business owners alike. To view our lighting designs and previous pot-light installations, visit our project gallery. Our company offers pot light installation and design and will ensure that your pot lights follow all safety guidelines regarding heat and wiring. As we employ only professional and licensed electricians, we can ensure 100% customer satisfaction with the installation and maintenance of these lights.

About Our Company

VIP Classic Moulding was established in 2001, in Toronto and have since served the GTA loyally. Over the years we have developed a steady clientele through excellent moulding, pot light, ceiling and other installation services. We have over the years developed the company and now focus on design, and incorporate modern trends into the installation of pot lights, hardwood, MDF trim work, wainscoting, painting and full basement finishing and remodeling.

Our team of professionals is committed to our customers, putting the needs of clients as their utmost priority. We ensure that our customers will be provided with the knowledge and experience they deserve, and we are utterly dedicated to providing the best service on any project, with any budget. Our experts are equipped for both home and business work, and we are happy to undertake large or small projects. To learn more about our services, please visit our website. For inquiries and estimates please contact us at 416-670-8000 or email us at info@vipclassicmoulding.com. We offer free on-site estimates.