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Pros and Cons of Pot Lights

Are you considering some new lighting for your home or business? There are so many available lighting options that selecting just one can be a daunting task. Pot lights, however, are almost always the right choice for a room with many sizes, brightness and functionalities available. The expert pot light installers at VIP Classic Moulding have compiled a guide to LED pot lights.

What are pot lights?

You might be asking yourself: Is recessed lighting outdated? And the answer is, definitely not! Ceiling pot lights are an accessible, flexible, and effective feature to add to many kinds of rooms.

These lights are embedded into your ceiling and can make great ambient light or task-directed lighting. But are they the right choice for you? Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of installing pot lights in your home.

Pros of using pot lights

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Great for low ceilings: Because pot lights are embedded or recessed, they take up virtually no space. They are great for basements which typically have a lower clearance height. They are also preferable for bathrooms and hallways where space is at a premium and a traditional hanging light fixture might make the space feel small and cramped.

Focused light: Do you have some rare artwork or sports memorabilia that you’d like to display? Because pot lights can be directed at will, you can shine a light on anything you want so it becomes the focal point of the room, helping you elevate the strongest design elements of the space.

Great for kitchens: Just like with the artwork, it’s great to have focused, direct light on your workspaces in the kitchen. From sinks to cutting boards, kitchen islands, stovetops and countertops, recessed lights can help you safely cook and prepare meals for you and your family. 

Great for bathrooms: Aside from saving valuable headspace, pot lights are also available in water-resistant models that can be installed inside your shower’s ceiling. That way, you’ll never have to shower  in the dark again!

Cons of using pot lights

There might be energy efficiency issues: When you install pot lights, you have to weigh the risk that you might be making your home or business less energy efficient. Installing pot lights means having to cut holes in the ceiling which cannot be completely insulated – this means you will lose some hot or cold air depending on the time of the year. For this reason, dining room recessed lighting is not preferable, but it’s still achievable if combined with other types of lighting. 

Be wary of the “cave effect”: Sometimes, when you install pot lights in a room, there could be concentrated bright light in the middle while it remains dark and shadowy along the walls. If this is not the ideal type of lighting situation for your home, you may want to consider an alternative. 
Battling the “cave effect”: If you don’t want the darkened walls that a few pot lights can create, the only solution is to install more pot lights. However, this can increase the price of installation and create more issues with energy efficiency because you’re putting more holes in the ceiling.

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Should I install pot lights in my home?

Pot lights can be an amazing lighting solution for many homeowners, but as we outlined in this article, they are certainly not for everyone. Take some time to weigh out the pros and cons, do more research, ask friends who have pot lights, and then ask the experts at VIP Classic Moulding if recessed lighting is the right option for your home.

We’ll take into consideration your desired aesthetic and the room in question and give you an honest evaluation if pot lights are the right choice for you.

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