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Screwless Wall Slat Panels Installation Instructions

Screwless Wall Slat Panels Installation Instructions

Many installation instructions are showing the necessity of using a drill and screws, which is not wrong. However, if you want to achieve a seamless look check out a screwless installation method below!

  • You will need:
  • Safety goggles
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Measure tape
  • Painters tape
  • Track saw + guard rail (optional – vacuum that connects to saw to avoid dust)
  • Air compressor + air hose
  • Finish pin nail gun 23g
  • 23 gage pin nails (from 1” to1 1/4”)
  • Caulking / glue gun
  • PL PREMIUM cartridge
  • Oscillating tool
  • 6-32x 1 1/2” screws (used for electrical switches & receptacles)
  • Rubber grout float


Step 1: Remove the existing baseboard from the wall, in the place where you will be installing the panels.
Note: Removing the baseboards is NOT necessary. You may apply wood slat acoustic wall panels on top of the baseboards without removing them.

Step 2: Measure the height from floor to ceiling or up to the bulkhead, in order to cut the panels to precise length.

Step 3: Mark the required height on both sides of the panel using a pencil in order to connect 2 dots with a straight line. This line will indicate where you will be cutting the panel.

Step 4: Apply painter’s tape (preferably blue tape) between the 2 dots where you will be cutting off the unneeded height. Using painter’s tape will prevent the track-saw blade from ripping apart the wood finish veneer, as well as any visible damage, and you will be able the achieve the cleanest cut.

Step 5: Retrace the marks of your measurements on top of the tape again with a pencil. Make your cut by sliding your saw on the track. Note: This step will be repeated multiple times with every single additional panel. Make sure you use safety goggles.

Step 6: Before applying glue, take your cut panel and make sure it fits in the space where it will be placed. Flip the panel upside down with black felt facing up, in order to apply PL premium glue using a glue gun. Apply the glue on the panel from top to bottom using a zig-zag line movement.
Note: Remember it doesn’t matter where you start either from the right of the wall or from the left as long as you start with the edge ending and follow with a black felt.

Step 7: Apply the cut panel with glue on it to the wall (depending on which side you choose to start from). Every panel has a starting edge ending with a wood slat and a continuous edge with a black felt. Every panel sits on top of the previous one like a tongue and groove technique.

Step 8: Using the rubber grout float with a handle, push on the panels in order to spread and push around the glue between the drywall and the backing of your panel.

Step 9: Using the finish pin nailer 23G gun with air pressure under 100psi, shoot ONLY in between the slats in the black felt. You won’t be able to see the nails in the felt. You can apply as many nails as needed in order for it to hold stronger.
Note: When using a pin nailer, make sure you use safety goggles.

For walls that have existing electrical switches or receptacles

  1. Turn off the breaker in the electrical panel before unscrewing the switch/ receptacle.
  2. In order to take the correct measurements you must remove plastic covers before measuring. Measure the actual size of the metal electrical gang box mounted on the stud.
  3. Measure the height from the wall to the metal box and retrace it to the panel. Apply painter’s tape in the area of the panel where it will be cut out. Retrace with a pencil and a ruler or a small level to draw your rectangular shape area of cutting on the tape.
  4. Use an oscillating tool to make your precise cut.
  5. Apply back your panel with the glue to the wall.
  6. You must use (6-32 x 1 1/2” size) screws in order to reinstall the switch/receptacle on top of the panels. Screw in the plastic cover on top.

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