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Crown and Cornice Moulding with VIP Classic Moulding

Moulding is what VIP Classic Moulding is known for as a company. Our mouldings come in a wide variety which give your home a unique, new look. Crown mouldings separate the area between your home’s walls and ceiling, and can be used to create a striking look of classic elegance in a modern home. All of VIP mouldings are made from MDF only, which stands for Medium Density Fiber Board. This kind is less expensive and more durable than plaster, and when finished looks identical. In addition, MDF doesn’t damage the walls and won’t warp and bump after installation like Polyurethane. With a wide variety of sizes available, our moulding selection offers a range of different styles available for your home.

Cornice mouldings are decorative elements that conceal the portion of the wall where it meets the ceiling. There are three different types of decorative cornice mouldings: roving, which is a paper covered plaster core; machines wood; as well as the molded type which comes in a variety of materials. Mouldings are available in a variety of styles ranging from traditional, ornamental to modern and sleek. You might want to consider adding mouldings to your home if your ceilings are uneven, or you want to add accents to your walls.

Many older homes have existing cornice moulding which are old, warped and bumpy, and may want to exchange to our lighter more durable products instead of repairing the damages. Designs are available in mimicries of old Victorian patterns or can simply be found in sleek, plain modern designs which lack the flowery ornaments of older styles. It is up to you to choose which style best suits your home. For a look at what our company offers, please visit our crown moulding catalogue.

By installing crown moulding you can increase the value of your home. While moulding on it’s own will do little to add monetary value, if incorporated into the architectural style of your home it will do much to increase the appraisal value should you hope to sell it. Crown moulding can make your ceilings look higher and adds traditional accents to the overall look you are going for. When paired with solid baseboards, and other new fixtures the overall investment that is the relatively cheap installation of crown moulding will return profit.

Medium Density Fiber moulding is made of fibreboard with medium density. Compared to solid wood moulding, MDF is not affected by shrinking and expansion, and will not be susceptible to changes in temperature that affect homes in Ontario. In addition, it is much less prone to warp and bumping as a result of changes in temperature and humidity after installation than other kinds of moulding.

VIP Classic Moulding uses MDF as it is the most cost-efficient and durable of products available on the market today. Our mouldings come in 4 to 9 inches, and are available in a variety of styles. Visit our website today for a closer look at the types of products we have to offer. All of our products and installations come with a 10-year warranty and guaranteed quality!

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coffered ceilings and crown moulding

Coffered Ceiling Installation

A coffered ceiling adds dimension to any room. If you’re looking for a way to add a beautiful and unique element to the architecture of your space, consider a coffered ceiling in either a traditional or contemporary design. A coffered ceiling is a classical component of architecture that involves a series of square recesses in your ceiling. This architectural trick can be used to highlight and accentuate the area in a variety of ways, and is often used in dining and living rooms to add heft and tradition to the area.

Coffered Ceilings Can Create Beautiful Interiors

There are many designs, and you can go for a more traditional approach by using wood accents or unique, dramatic patterns. The more modern approach often reduces wood accents in favour of plain white coffers an pairs the design with pot-lights.

Your coffered ceiling addition can easily be used to create a gorgeous interior design that centres around pattern or light, and can add dimension to any living area. By using unique patterning, you can create a textured, layered and detailed area that draws eyes to it. Doing so can create a sleek, traditional architecture that really brings out the heavy formality of your space. If your room looks too plain, adding coffers will add the detail you need to keep the eye pleased. You can orient your ceiling around a light fixture, or go for the more modern approach of simply inserting pot lights into the ceiling.

Many companies offer detailed ornamental designs which can create an eye pleasing display that draws attention. To really get the most out of your ceiling design, we recommend hiring a professional interior designer to recommend you what would work best with your room or rooms.

A coffered ceiling must be very precise and well designed, as sloppy and uneven work is immediately noticeable. For this reason, VIP Classic Moulding machines all ceiling components in our own show to prevent any unfortunate mishaps, keep your home clean, and make for quick and easy installation.

Preparation in a proper shop also guarantees that the ceiling will be fitted perfectly, and all components will be properly prepared and measured. When installed, a coffered ceiling is an excellent decorative element to liven up a room, add dramatic traditional flair to any area or simply to highlight existing light. Coffered ceilings come in a variety of styles, so we recommend you do your research and get some ideas to approach installation.

Our company has installed many coffered ceilings in the past, and we make it our responsibility to provide you with the absolute best service and quality available. Visit our website gallery of past coffered ceiling installation projects for ideas.

Pot-light Design and Installation for Home and Business

VIP Classic Moulding specializes in the design, planning and installation of lights and electrical products. In order to create a beautiful space, it must be lit properly, and this is where our passion for pot-light installation originates from. Pot lights are a lighting fixture that is generally inserted recessed directly into the ceiling. These simple lighting fixtures are mounted so that no portion of them protrudes. They are generally only used as ceiling lights due to the fact that they need to be installed in a recess.

People generally opt to place them in areas that need to be brightly lit; such as basements, kitchens and common rooms. Most offices and commercial building similarly prefer pot-lights because they are simple to install, maintain and do not cast much shadows. Business owners find that illuminating certain areas with pot lights can create an attractive an ambient glow; such as when highlighting new products in retail areas.

Pot lights come in many intensities are generally accompanied by a decorative trim. The spacing between them upon installation will depend on your desired brightness and is also determined by the intensity and size of the lamp. Many pot lights are adjustable, which is a useful feature for areas where varied lighting is preferable. You can use a pot light to highlight a particular portion of a room, or to highlight decorative features such as paintings and sculptures.

When installing these lights in your home you should take the necessary precautions, and hire an electrician, as the wiring required for them is complicated and requires experience. As these lights tend to get hotter than normal lights, they should be placed in a recess with foam insulation. Pot lights are easy to install during other work, such as the installation of coffered ceilings and mouldings.

While pot-lights are generally used in ceilings, they can also be easily added under cabinets to illuminate spaces where light doesn’t reach very easily, inside storage areas such as closets and cabinets, or outdoors. Many home and business owners install pot lights under the roof area so as to illuminate the building during the nighttime, and to make it easier to navigate outside in the dark. In addition, these lights create an excellent ambiance and can make the outside of your home or business look better at night.

Outdoor pot lights will need to be placed by professionals to ensure that they are resistant to weather damage and erosion. Pot lights can also be places in the outdoor areas of your home to create a path leading to your door, around the driveway, parking lots, or in between trees and garden areas for a lighted outdoor experience.

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Wainscoting: Decorative Wall Paneling and Types of Decorative Trim

Wainscoting is a type of decorative wooden trim that can act as a protective surface on the bottom 3 to 5 feet of a wall. This kind of trim is generally made from wood, and can be found in a variety of patterns and styles. If you have the know-how, you can create your own design using moulding and wooden accents. While there are some plastic versions of wainscoting available, we recommend using wood simply because it looks better and is a higher value product. Wainscoting is a traditional kind of trim that is often applied in conjunction with wall- papering and crown mouldings to achieve a distinct look. Many people install wainscoting to hide unseemly quirks in the walls of their home, or to add variety to a too plain portion of the home. Often times wainscoting is used as both a functional ledge to place decorations on as well as a decorative aspect on it’s own.

Before considering installing wainscoting in your home, think of the design aspects you are going for, as aesthetically wainscoting might clash with your colour scheme or overall style. If you are installing wooden paneling, you might want to consider painting it, or installing pieces with ornamental designs. Overall, wainscoting is an excellent addition to both modern and traditional aesthetics, but it needs to be done correctly. We recommend talking to a professional or interior designer before having wainscoting installed in your home. To help you out we’ve compiled a list of the different types of wainscoting available:

Raised Panel Wainscoting:

This kind of wainscoting was popularized in England in the 17th century and was the earliest style to be developed. Each panel is slightly protruding and is in front of the styles and rails. It also has a noticeable beveled edge. Though generally installed in traditional style homes, it is the most popular kind of wainscoting to date.

Flat Panel Wainscoting:

This kind of wainscoting is distinguished by the panels being behind the styles and rails. The type uses flat boards with no beveled edges or moulding, causing the panel to look deeper. This kind of wainscoting is popular in modern style homes.

Beadboard Wainscoting:

This kind of wainscoting is made of thin, individual boards placed directly next to each other. Each small board is interlocked with its neighbor via a tongue-and-groove system. This kind of wainscoting is popular in country homes today, and was once popular in informal settings such as beach houses and country homes.

Overlay Wainscoting:

This kind of wainscoting is a combination of flat and raised panels which uses flat panels to create a base, and centers additional panels on them. These additional panels are sometimes lined by moulding.

Board and Batten Wainscoting:

Is basically flat panel with vertical boards used to cover up seams or styles.

Trims, wainscotings, baseboards and casings can add detail and create depth and richness in your home. When paired correctly with proper design aesthetics, these additions are a worthwhile investment and can raise the appraisal value of your home significantly. This is why many home owners choose to install or replace these decorative elements. If you’re considering wainscoting, moulding, window casing or any paneling, VIP Classic Moulding is your number one company choice. With more than 15 years in the business, our company offers the best service and products for the installation of decorative home elements and lighting.  More information about trims and wainscoting see our service page.

About VIP Classic Moulding

VIP Classic Moulding was established in 2001, in Toronto and have since served the GTA loyally. Over the years we have developed a steady clientele through excellent moulding, pot light, ceiling and other installation services. We have over the years developed the company and now focus on design, and incorporate modern trends into the installation of pot lights, hardwood, MDF trim work, wainscoting, painting and full basement finishing and remodeling.

Our team of professionals is committed to our customers, putting the needs of clients as their utmost priority. We ensure that our customers will be provided with the knowledge and experience they deserve, and we are utterly dedicated to providing the best service on any project, with any budget. Our teams are well equipped and are happy to undertake large and small projects.

We serve the GTA and York Region including; North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, King City, Maple, Woodbridge, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Stouffville and more.

For inquiries and estimates please call us at 416-670-8000 or email us at We offer free on-site estimates.

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