Crown Moulding

There is wide variety range for crown moulding which gives your home a new look especially interior areas.Crown moulding should be selected based on different parameters like swelling and shrinking in different weathers and areas where you live. as a Five-star rated crown moulding company, we can offer you our expertise on which crown moulding is the best choice for you.

Solid Wood Moulding

This is one of the most famous crown moulding among all the crown moulding. It can be found mainly in oak wood and hardwood. Mixing of various woods will provide an elegance option for crown moulding.The Crown Moulding gives your home a new level of look and feel. As it increases the look of the room there is also some pit falls for solid wood crown moulding.

MDF Crown Moulding

MDF is nothing but Medium Density fiber. In this type of moulding fibreboard with medium density is used. This is mainly applicable to the places where the trim is having paint. Shrinking and expansion is not that much affected as compared to solid wood moulding. Room temperature and humidity do not affect such kind of moulding.

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Plaster Crown Moulding

The main application for plaster crown moulding is where the walls are having plasters. It is not affected by weather changes, humidity, and fire. Generally, people used to opt for Plaster crown moulding on the base of the price. Plaster crown moulding is a bit expensive compared to other mouldings. On the other side it has the advantage of not swelling and shrinking. People with high living life style generally opts for plaster crown moulding as it can be customized depending on the customer’s requirement.

PVC Crown Moulding

This is generally made up of PVC or plastics. Insects cannot damage PVC crown moulding. This is mainly suitable for the places where there is more moist, for ex. Bathroom . It will sustain against the attacks of moist, rots, insects and sometimes it is not damaged by shrinking or expanding. PVC Crown moulding is less expensive and it can be painted. This will gives new look to your bathroom.

Our mouldings are made from MDF only. (Medium Density Fibre board). We have 4″, 5″, 7″, 8″ and 9″ mouldings. MDF Moulding is less expensive than plaster, but the finished product looks identical to plaster moulding. With MDF there is no mess and damage to the walls. We suggest not to use Polyurethane moulding since it is very soft and looks bumpy and wavy after installation.

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