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Decorative trim is a simple way to make a bold statement when you’re looking to enhance the interior design of your home.

With over 15 years in the industry, the experts at VIP Classic Moulding offer a wide selection of trim installation services to homeowners across the GTA.

From window casings to baseboard and door trim, our team can help you add both elegance and functionality to your home. 

You can count on our team of professionals to install the interior trim of your choice according to industry standards.

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction for every project we choose to take on.

We are passionate about creating beautiful interior trim and creating the space you have always envisioned. 

Here are the decorative trim installation services we currently offer:

Baseboard Installation

If you’re in the process of remodeling your home, you might not give much thought to baseboards. However, baseboards are an important feature to consider in the overall design of your home. They offer a dual purpose – on an aesthetic level, they hide the joint where the walls meet the floor, while on a functional level, they protect the walls from damage and scuffs from shoes and vacuum attachments. 

Choosing the right baseboard can make a huge impact on the design of your home. And baseboard installation requires a certain level of knowledge and expertise. 

At VIP Classic Moulding, we are one of the best baseboard installers in the GTA. We pride ourselves in precision and attention to detail, and we guarantee to deliver high-quality results every time. Our team will take all the right measurements to ensure we have the correct baseboard height for your home.  

Window Casing Installation

Wainscoting wall decor Toronto

When the weather changes, it’s important to have high-quality windows that can insulate your home. Window casings are the moldings that wrap around the window frames. It helps to block hot and cold air from entering the home. Installing the window casing is the finishing touch for a window trim installation. Window casings should typically match the style of the home so it pulls the entire look together. 

Installing window casings is not a simple task. Our team of professionals at VIP Classic Moulding will bring the right tools to ensure your window trim installation is quick and efficient. We work with our customers from start to finish to ensure they are completely satisfied with the finished product.

BaseChair RailWainscotWindow CasingDoor CasingPicture TrailPlate RailCrown Moulding
Used where the floor and the wall come together. The base hides the gaps between the wall and the floor finishes. It also provides a defense to the wall finish from jostled furniture and swinging feet. It is usually composed of three distinct parts. A shoe is the small beveled or curved piece that transitions from the board to the floor. The baseboard the tall and flat piece. The cap and decorative part sit on the baseboard. Bases now are more frequently not made of a one piece for a more contemporary and cleaner aesthetic.

Baseboard trim is used where the floors and walls of your home connect, and is generally meant to hide imperfections and gaps between the floor finish and the wall. It also offers protection against scuffing the wall with furniture, shoes and general wear. Modern baseboards are composed of a single flat piece fitted to the wall, and offer a more contemporary and clean aesthetic.

Moving up of the wall from the floor. This is the next trim after the base. This trim protects the wall finish from then furniture that puts on the wall. Though we install it usually 36 inches from the floor, a chair rail can be set up at any height. The main issue is how the chair rail will split in the horizontal layer to the wall and how it will do the proportions correctly.
A chair rail s installed about 36 inches above the floor, and is used to protect the wall from furniture marks and scratches. It can be set up at any height, and is sometimes accompanied by wainscoting, which is paneling that fills the space in between base and rail.
While the space in the middle of the baseboard and the chair rail can be finished, commonly the area is paneled. There are many options for wainscot including beadboard, horizontal wood paneling, and simple wood panels and raised panels.
The space in between the base and the chair is sometimes filled with wooden panelling in a variety of styles and forms.
The old-style method of window casing is using a separate bottom, side, and top pieces. Because every piece is different, the trim can be luxuriously articulated and detailed.
The trim around a window can be ornate and intricately detailed, set up using four separate pieces around each window.
Like the window, they install the door traditionally as a separate piece but different from the casing of the window, door casing that does not have a bottom stool or apron.
Much like the window, door casing separates the door edges from the walls and surrounds the door.
This trim piece serves as a support to a hanging picture as the plaster wall were not the best and can be easily broken by the picture hangers nailed on the wall. People use this trim as an ornamental element in dividing the wall into the horizontal layers.
This piece of trim can serve as a support to hang a picture, and is generally used by homeowner as an ornamental piece meant to divide the wall into horizontal layers.
This trim piece functions as a display place to show a collection of objects. The depth of the plate rail may vary from very shallow to quite deep. The location of the plate rail on the wall will determine its distance.
This piece of trim is meant to be used as a shelf to display collections of objects, historically plates. They may range in depth from shallow to very deep.
At the top of the wall is the crown molding, where the ceiling and the wall come together. Like the other trim pieces, the choice of size and profile are unlimited. What’s good about the crown molding is that it has the ability to unstiffen the transition between the ceiling and the wall.
The opposite of the baseboard, the crown moulding is placed where the ceiling and the wall come together. Crown moulding is quite formal, and adds elegance to interiors. For this reason, crown moulding installation is considered a cost effective way to enhance the look and value of your home’s interior.

Door Casing Installation

Door casings are more than just a decorative feature – they also help to conceal the gap between the wall and the door frame.

They add texture and depth in addition to creating an illusion of space in smaller areas of the home.

Door casings come in a variety of different colors, styles, and materials – your choice will ultimately depend on what works best with your home decor. 

We are proud to say we are experts in installing different door trim types.

At VIP Classic Moulding, we offer our customers an impressive range of door casing styles and designs to choose from. 

We promise to offer expert advice when selecting the right door casing for your home.

Our staff is backed by years of experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge of in-home installation services. 

Interior Trim Styles

There are a wide array of different interior trim styles to choose from. Here are some of the most popular types of interior trim styles:

Complete trim – in this design, moldings are placed on all four sides of the windows or doors. The casings can be decorative depending on where it is located in the home.

Low profile trim – this type of trim is useful for many homes as it helps to keep out the cold air and prevents warm air in the home from escaping. 

High profile trim – a high profile trim surrounds the entire window or door. It is one of the most versatile types of casing available on the market. 

Modern trim – the style of this trim is much more simple and minimalist. A modern trim provides a clean finish and will typically match the rest of the window. With this type of trim, the molding is not the center of attention – the window or door is the main focal point. 

Traditional trim – this kind of trim is similar to low-profile casings since both provide a simpler look. This casing typically lays flat on the wall and suits older homes or buildings. It’s made up of either plastic or composite materials and it comes in a variety of designs.

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Professionally Installed Trim

At VIP Classic Moulding, our team of experts is knowledgeable and offers years of experience in the field.

We specialize in a range of trim installation services including baseboard installation, window casing installation, door casing installation, and interior trim styles.

We always deliver high-quality results and we promise to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Choose VIP Classic Moulding and You Can Expect:

  • Premium quality and excellent results
  • Variety of trim and molding services
  • One-of-a-kind approach
  • Numerous designs and styles
  • Post-installation cleaning services

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