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As a five-star rated molding company, VIP Classic Moulding specializes in designing, planning, and installing electrical products. We have a passion for pot lights and enjoy creating beautiful spaces. Take a look at our gallery to view our recent projects. We are committed to our customers, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. From our design phase to going forth and putting our plan into action, we ensure your needs come first. If you are located in Toronto or any part of the surrounding GTA, contact VIP today for your pot light installation.

Benefits of Pot Lights

Ceiling pot lights are often used to illuminate commercial areas as well as residential ones. There are a number of benefits worth mentioning: 

  1. Makes a Room Feel Bigger: Recessed lighting is a great way to make your room feel bigger because it actually takes up less visual space. The light cans don’t hang down to interrupt your line of sight.
  2. Makes a Room Look Bigger: Recessed lights can make a room look bigger due to an effect called “wall washing.” Wall-washing is when the right kind of trimming lights up your walls via use of reflectors and scoops that direct it onto them from below, giving off more illumination around every corner. 
  3. Highlights Other Accessories in the Room: Recessed lighting casts light on the wall, helping to accentuate other aspects of the design. For example, if you wish to draw attention to a bookcase, wall art, or trophies on a shelf. 
  4. Customizable: the trim, lights, and reflectors come in all sorts of colors. This variety can be used to really upgrade a room in several ways. 
  5. Safer option: The casing for recessed lights protects them from dust, children, and mishaps; a safer lighting alternative to hanging lights.
  6. Save Energy – pot lights require less energy to continuously illuminate an interior. The lights are spaced closely, directing any shadow case beneath your feet. This positioning has the effect of reducing the amount of light needed to illuminate an area. 

This form of lighting is continuously growing more popular and is a commonly requested installation. Installing pot lights in ceilings is tricky and requires knowledge of electrical wiring, thus, we always recommend that you hire a professional like VIP to help you set your interior up.

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Pot light installation Toronto

Pot lights are often referred to as recessed lights because they have to be installed into a recess. Installation as a predominant ceiling light fixture is straightforward as the pot lights come in units that just need to be pushed into the recess and twisted. These lights are offered in different sizes to give you different intensities of light.
It is always best to get an electrician to install pot lights for you because there are a few things that you need to take into consideration when installing them in your home. For example, if you want a corridor lit with pot lights, you have to make sure that the load is not too much or there is a possibility of a blown fuse. If the corridor is long, you will have to ensure that the load is evenly distributed, which means a lot of wiring work that is best done by a trained professional.

Pot Light Installation Enhances Waffle Ceiling 

One ceiling type in particular that benefits from pot light installation are a waffle ceiling. When pot lights become an additional ceiling light fixture, the recessed lighting brightens up the room, making it look and feel bigger. In addition to being a complimentary design feature. Both aesthetically and functionally, pot lights are advantageous. Pot lights can be used to create and illuminate beautiful spaces, and have the benefit of a dimming feature. With pot lights, you can illuminate areas that need to be brightly lit, such as common areas, artworks, kitchens, and other decorative elements within your home.

VIP Classic Moulding specializes in the creation of lighting for all interiors. We design, plan, and install lighting elements throughout the GTA. Among our passions are pot-lights, which are becoming a staple in many homeowners’ basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

What to Consider with Pot Light Installation

Here are 4 elements to consider before installing pot lights:

  • You need to take precautions against heat: Pot lights do not give off a lot of heat. Therefore, you will need to ensure you are placing them in a well-ventilated interior and ensuring they do not touch any foam insulation. If you do have to place them in a poorly ventilated area, purchase bulbs designed not to give off too much heat.
  • You will need to rewire your ceiling: For this reason, it’s recommended that you install pot lights while conducting other major renovations, to avoid damage to your ceiling.
  • You will need to consult with a professional electrician: As you will need to ensure that the electrical load is evenly distributed to avoid blow fuses, you should always hire an electrician to help you with the wiring of your pot lights.
  • You will need to install waterproofed lighting in wet areas: In order to prevent any electrical issues and potential danger to you and your home, always consult with a professional when installing lighting in any area where water is used. VIP has waterproofed lighting available for installation.

Why Choose VIP Classic Moulding for Pot Light Installation

The team of VIP Classic Moulding is a five-star rated crown molding company that is committed to its customers. Delivering excellent customer service and top-quality products for over 20+ years, our credibility speaks for itself. On all our products and services we provide 100% risk-free installation and we will guarantee no damages or mess will be done to your home. Quality of work and our reputation are our number one priority. That is why all our clients receive a 10 years warranty certificate after job completion. 

From design to implementation, the experts at VIP Classic Moulding ensure client needs come first and provide knowledge and experience to help get the most out of your budget. Check out some of our five-star ratings from our valued customers. We deliver the highest level of expertise and craftsmanship on any budget, big or small, and always achieve excellent results. Contact us now for a free in-house consultation!

From design to implementation VIP Classic Moulding experts ensure client needs come first, and provide knowledge and experience to help get the most out of available budget. We’ve received five-star ratings from our customers that you can view here. we deliver the highest level of expertise and craftsmanship on any budget small or big and always achieve excellent results, call us now for free in-house consultation.

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