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Why pot-lights?

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The term “pot light” usually refers to a recessed lighting fixture, also called a can, that is typically installed in a ceiling. These lighting fixtures are extremely simple and basic, resembling a tin can that is mounted so it is in the ceiling with no part of it protruding. Most styles of pot light have a decorative trim ring that is flush with the ceiling. These lights are especially useful for common areas that need to be brightly lit, such as kitchens, and they can be used to achieve a variety of lighting effects as well. They are relatively simple to install, especially in new construction.

Pot lighting is the most preferred form of lighting in commercial establishments and offices because they do not cast any shadow. What this means is that these lights are kept so closely spaced that any shadow will be cast directly downwards under your feet. The spacing for these lamps is governed by the size of the lamp; the higher intensity ones can be kept further apart than the lower intensity ones. It also depends on the kind of lighting you want and if you want dimmer lights you just get lower intensity ones and space them further apart.

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Potlights Installation in Toronto

Pot lights Installations are recessed lights. Because they have to be installed into a recess, they are usually only used as ceiling lights. They come in units that just need to be pushed into the recess and twisted; installation is so simple. You get these lights in different sizes to give you different intensities of light.

There is no reason why you cannot use these lights in your home, you just need to take precautions when doing so. It is always best to get an electrician to do this for you because there are a few things that you need to take into consideration when installing them in your home. For example if you want a corridor lit with pot lights you have to make sure that the load is not too much or the least of your problems will be a blown fuse. If the corridor is long, you will have to ensure that the load is evenly distributed which means a lot of wiring work that is best done by an experienced person.

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Pot Lights Colors and Features

You usually get pot lights in two colors, white and orange. The bright high-intensity lights are those found in offices, whereas the lower intensity ones are found wherever a softer yet bright light is needed. Most places that have something on display like in stores and museums use these lights because they are very good as “highlights”.

There is also the problem with heat. All lamps give off heat and pot lights are much hotter than any other kind of light. This is because they usually have halogen lamps powering them and halogen lamps are known for the heat that they emit. Nowadays you get pot lamps that come with CFL bulbs which are not as hot, but the heat that they release is still tremendous.

This heat is usually not too much of a problem with other kinds of lighting systems because they are usually in a place that is well ventilated. Pot lights however do not have any ventilation and the outside of these lamps can get hot enough to burn. The problem with this is that when you recess them you need to ensure that they do not touch any foam insulation if you have any because the foam can catch on fire.

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There are specific lamps that can be used in these places which come with an outer casing. This casing ensures that the outside of the lamp does not get too hot protecting your insulation and in consequence your home.

Apart from this there is no place where you cannot use pot lights including in the bathroom although you will need to get water proofed ones so that they don’t mist up on the inside due to the wet environment. If you have a painting or an expensive decorative item using a pot light to highlight it is also a good idea.

Potlight Installation

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VIP Classic Moulding specializes in the creation of lighting for all interiors. We design, plan and install lighting elements throughout the GTA. Among our passions are pot-lights, which are becoming a staple in many homeowner’s basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

The term pot-light refers to recessed lighting generally placed within a ceiling. These lights are among the simplest of lighting fixtures but are also quite tricky to install. Pot lights can be used to create and illuminate beautiful spaces, and have the benefit of dimming capacity. With pot lights, you can illuminate areas that need to be brightly lit, such as common areas, artworks, kitchens and other decorative elements within your home.

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Benefits of Pot Lights

One of the benefits of pot lights is that they do not cast a shadow, and are therefore often used to illuminate commercial areas as well as residential ones. The lights are kept closely spaced so that any shadow case will be directed beneath your feet, reducing the amount of light needed to illuminate an area. This means that pot lights save you on energy in the long run, and require less energy to continuously illuminate an interior. This form of lighting is growing massively in popularity, and is a commonly requested installation. Because pot-lights are tricky to install and require knowledge of wiring, we always recommend that you hire a professional to help you set your interior up.

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Things You Should Remember Before Installing Pot Lights

  • You need to take precautions against heat: Because pot-lights give off a lot of heat, you will need to ensure you are placing them in a well-ventilated interior, and ensuring they do not touch any foam insulation. If you are placing them in a poorly ventilated area, purchase bulbs designed not to give off too much heat.
  • You will need to re-wire your ceiling: For this reason, it’s recommended that you install pot lights while conducting other major renovations, to avoid damage to your ceiling.
  • You will need to consult with a professional electrician: As you will need to ensure that the electrical load is evenly distributed to avoid blow fuses, you should always hire an electrician to help you with the wiring of your pot-lights.
  • You will need to install waterproofed lighting in wet areas: In order to prevent any electrical issues and potential danger to you or your home, always consult with a professional when installing lighting in any area where water is used. Waterproofed lighting is available for installation.

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