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Waffle ceiling is a classical component of architecture that involves a series of perfectly square recessed on the ceiling. With our waffle ceilings, we incorporate a mix of on-site and in-shop manufacturing to provide the most accurate and efficient renovation possible. As a 5-star rated waffle ceiling company in Toronto, we ensure to keep your home clean and to keep installation lightning quick.

Waffle Ceiling Installation Toronto

Waffle ceilings enhance the overall look of the room with this stylistic decor. Naturally, our eyes are drawn upwards and what better way to add some personality and complement the interior design than with waffle ceilings. They can also be installed over old ceilings making for easy installation. Waffle ceilings have a place for other areas of the house in addition to the living and family room. This decorative feature can be implemented in the kitchen, bedroom, and dining room areas too. 

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With our thorough process preparing, we guarantee the ceiling will be fitted perfectly, and all components will be properly measured and fitted accordingly. When installed, a waffle ceiling is an excellent decorative element to liven up a room, add dramatic traditional flair to any area, or simply to highlight existing light. Since the materials we will use are light enough to install waffle ceilings on any floor, customers will not need to worry about adding additional ceiling support. 

Our company has installed many waffle ceilings throughout our over 20 years of being in service. Check out our waffle ceiling gallery to get inspired by our past installation projects.

Variety of Waffle Ceiling Designs

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A company that offers a variety of waffle ceiling designs gives homeowners options to style and design according to their preferences and taste. VIP Classic Moulding fulfills that role, offering a number of waffle ceiling styles for any and all customers. Your waffle ceiling addition can easily be used to create a gorgeous interior design that centers around pattern or light and can add dimension to any living area. The waffle pattern makes up a 3-dimensional grid, which adds definition to open areas. You can orient your ceiling around a light fixture, or go for the more modern approach of simply inserting pot lights into the ceiling. The recommended ceiling height starts at 9 foot ceilings and upwards we will use scaffold for high ceilings. We will also remove stucco ceilings if necessary. 

Waffle Ceiling vs Coffered Ceiling 

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Waffle ceilings and coffered ceilings are often exchanged with one another as interchangeable designs. This however is not the case. Waffle ceilings are a subset category of coffered ceilings. The most distinguishable difference between the two is in a waffle ceiling, a repeating pattern is created due to the beams crossing over each other.

A coffered ceiling is a design type that gives the room more depth around the perimeter of the room. Coffered ceiling installation is around all four sides of the room, creating a visual distinction and is often complimented with crown moulding. Waffle ceilings and their waffle pattern are made up of evenly spaced squares, which can be seen from every angle. There is an illusionary effect created by this type of architectural design to give rooms with high ceilings more depth.

Waffle Ceiling Costs in Toronto


When looking to install a waffle ceiling, here are the following factors to consider:

  • The ceiling size
  • The design choice 
  • Any additional lighting features

To ensure you receive the best installed waffle ceiling, hiring the team right for the job is just as important as the design choice. Lucky for you, VIP Classic Moulding is a fully trained and licensed team, possessing advanced skills in carpentry. We offer a free estimate so you know what the costs are upfront and our prices give great value for your money! We have various options to choose from that allow customers flexibility in terms of style as well as budget–all without any hidden fees or surprises.

Waffle Ceiling Installation Process

VIP Classic Moulding will manufacture all your waffle ceiling components on site or in shop before installation, to ensure a perfect ceiling design. Here is what our process looks like:

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  1. Free consultation: From the first meeting, we can provide you with an accurate estimate of cost and time, and what we can do to make your project a reality. In the quotes provided, VIP Classic Moulding includes the full service of stucco removal, painting, and any electrical installation with pot lights or ceiling lights for example. This is included with the crown moudling profile inside the waffle boxes that our customers can choose themselves.
  2. Measurements: Waffle ceiling installation is such a precise job and measurements are vital in any home renovation. Thus, we ensure our experts take extra precaution to verify the calculations are correct before we manufacture parts. Homeowners will need to decide on the number of waffles you would like, and the depth and width of the beams, all while taking into account the ceiling dimensions.
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3. Manufacturing: All the necessary components are overseen and approved by our excellent team, prior to installation. Most components are cut on site for accurate measurements. This way you are guaranteed accurate and well made components for your new ceiling.

4. Installation: We will install your waffle ceiling in as quick a time as possible, so that you can have your finished project completed promptly. Our teams are professional and always ensure to provide customers with post-construction cleanup so that your home is clean and untarnished by the renovation process.

Why Choose Us for Waffle Ceiling Installation Toronto

With great know-how in trim work and associated services, VIP Classic Moulding guarantees the highest level of service and expertise, providing top-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out our reviews here to read any one of our five-star ratings from our customers. 

VIP does not include any hidden fees or unannounced costs. We are transparent in our pricing. We have a multi-disciplinary practiced team who are skilled in making, cutting, and installing waffle ceilings to fit any room in your home. We are efficient in our waffle ceiling installation. We get the job done in a timely fashion but do not sacrifice quality of service for speed.

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We also offer crown moulding, wainscoting, and other decorative trim installation in Toronto and the surrounding GTA areas including but not limited to Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Markham, Vaughan, and Scarbrough.

Take advantage of our 10-year warranty on all our completed work. Call VIP Classic Moulding to get started today. Our estimate is free and requires no committed obligations!

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