Installing appliques wainscoting can grant you a variety of means by which to achieve the appropriate paneling of a wall. A decorative wall treatment our appliques wainscoting and decoration allows for specific customization and fitting to particular areas throughout a room. Our company offers advanced appliques wainscoting services which are ideal for more complex room layouts and designs.

What is Wainscoting

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Wainscoting is the application of wood to walls as a decorative or protective accent. Wainscoting can cover the bottom three to five feet of a wall with tongue-and-groove wood, or can consist merely of decorative molding applied in an attractive design. Depending on your skill, you can install pre-made wainscoting or create your own design using molding and pre-made wooden accents.

Wainscoting Types and Materials

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Wainscoting is traditionally made from wood, although there are some plastic versions available. When choosing your wainscoting, consider the following:

materials you want to use
complexity of the task and skill at carpentry
your budget and the final look you want to achieve
overall scale of the room and the furniture that will be used in that room
adjoining walls and any windows or doors in the walls to which the wainscoting will be applied
finishing costs

Finishing costs can be very significant in many cases. They should not be ignored when budgeting your wainscoting project cost. You may wish to paint or wallpaper part or all of the room where the wainscoting is being installed, or use a faux finish above a chair rail. You may also want to paint the wainscoting or stain it if it is made from natural wood.

Good Wainscoting with Crown Moulding will increase the decorative look of your inner homes. To save time and money, make sure you understand the limitations and scope for your wainscotting.

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Raised Panel Wainscoting

A raised panel wainscot, popular in England throughout the Stuart and Georgian periods, was the earliest style to be developed. Each panel is pushed out into the room slightly, so that it is in front of the styles and rails. The beveled edge created by molding is very noticeable. Raised panel wainscoting is the most formal wainscot style even today.

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Flat Panel Wainscoting

A recessed panel, or flat panel, wainscot was developed during the 19th century in North America. The panels are placed a little deeper than the rails and styles, giving a recessed appearance. No molding is used, so the panel edges are very obvious. These panels were used in Mission-style buildings and were often placed in Craftsman houses.

Wainscotting woodwork raised panels

Beadboard Wainscoting

During the Victorian period, wainscot made of beadboard was very popular, especially for informal areas or beach houses. It was usually installed with the beaded lines running vertically The rails and styles were quite narrow and inconspicuous. Today, beadboard wainscoting is often used to create a casual or country mood.

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