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What Are Corbels and How Can You Make the Best of Them?

Corbels have been around since medieval times. They were first incorporated in the architecture of cathedrals, but have since trickled into many different areas seeing how easy they are to design and how reliable they can be.

What Is a Corbel?

You may have seen corbels without actually knowing they’re called so, but a corbel is basically a piece of metal, wood, or stone that projects from a structure.

Interestingly, the Latin origin of corbel literally means raven in reference to its beak-like appearance, which makes it look like a bird is jutting out of the wall.

What Are Corbels Used for?

Although corbels are so versatile, they are mainly used for the two following reasons:

  • Decoration: Corbels are considered a great way to elevate the appearance of a room. Corbels come in different designs, shapes and sizes, and a skillfully carved corbel that can transform a wall from looking bland to sophisticated in an instant.
  • Support: In addition to their aesthetic appeal, corbels are known to provide durability and support to different structures, due to the fact they’re made out of sturdy materials.

Corbel Design Ideas

Because corbels combine style and practicality, there are many smart, inventive ways in which they are used:

Corner corbels: Turn a boring corner into an artistic statement by simply adding a corbel. This next design perfectly employs a wood corbet to complete the rustic atmosphere of the room.

Another hot trend is using corner corbels as room dividers. Check out how this next design separates the living room from the dining area. So subtle, yet, oh, so brilliant!

Corbels for legs: If you’re into DIY and are looking to spice up an old table you’re not ready to replace, try using corbels as legs. This will immediately alter a shabby looking table into a sophisticated piece.

Shelves: Corbels are often nailed perpendicularly to a wall and used as fancy shelves. Use corbels to showcase family photos, your book collection, or art pieces in an innovative fashion.

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Use Corbel to Your Advantage

If you are wanting to give your home some oomph, corbel is an option to keep in mind. With the many materials and styles, corbels come in, you can now be your own interior designer.


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