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What is Beadboard Paneling?

Want to give your home a fresh new look? Beadboard paneling may be just what you need to create more character and appeal in your home. One of the fastest growing trends in home improvement is beadboard paneling. While it has been around for decades, it has flown under the radar until recent years. Some have overlooked beadboard paneling as a decorative feature to contend with, but it’s becoming a bona fide feature in many homes, offering an array of paneling options for hallways, entryways, bathrooms and other key locations in your home.

What is Beadboard Paneling?

Beadboard paneling uses wood panels to decorate interior walls. The boards have vertical grooves and tiny ridges along each plank. These planks are placed on the wall with each indentation referred to as a bead. Unlike wainscoting, beadboarding usually takes up a significant portion of the wall or the whole wall.

Beadboard paneling can either be installed vertically or horizontally. Vertical installation is the more traditional style, but many modern homes feature a horizontal option. Floor beadboards are less common, however, installing them on ceilings is a popular choice. Beadboarding has both exterior and interior applications. Outdoors, this boarding is often featured on porches. Indoors they can be used in just about any room.

Beadboard is made from medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, wood fiber and resin.

Originally, beadboards were made from white pine and used for interior walls. They were used to provide insulation and protect the lower section of the wall from damage from chair legs and boots. It was widely popular during the Victorian era, but when wallpaper was invented and became more popular than beadboarding. Boarding remained on the market but is now experiencing an uptick in popularity once more.

Exterior beadboard is made from weather resistant fur or longleaf yellow pine. This look is timeless and continues to add elegance and charm to every room it is installed in.

Benefits of Beadboard

  • Durability – Not only does beadboard look great, it also can be used to protect walls and makes bathrooms and kitchens more durable. This is particularly important because rooms where moisture lingers tend to experience more wear and tear. The strength of the wood used for beadboards makes it perfect for such conditions, which is a reason why you might see this feature in lake houses. Beadboard is also ideal for areas in the home where there is high traffic because it protects walls and is highly durable.
  • Appeal – There is a certain charm about beadboard that cannot be denied, which is why so many people are installing it in their homes. It’s both modern and traditional at the same time and its casual appeal fits into the vision many homeowners have for their homes today.
  • Versatility – it can be installed on a section of the wall, the whole wall, on ceilings and floors indoors or outdoors.

Beadboard Ceiling

Installing beadboard ceilings can provide a stunning finish indoors or outdoors. One of the more common places to install beadboard ceiling is on porches because they add so much distinction to whatever space they are in.

Usually painted white, beadboard ceilings make a breathtaking finish even more noticeable. Consider dressing up your ceiling with beadboard.

Beadboard Paneling

Over time, beadboard paneling has become much easier to install than when it was first introduced to the market. Beadboard panels are available in various styles and widths, making their application versatile.

The beauty of beadboard paneling is that you can be creative with it and customize it to suit your taste.

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Beadboard Bathroom

Aside from looking stunning, beadboard paneling is waterproof and a great accessory to add to any bathroom. Ideal for moist conditions, beadboard paneling can make an ordinary bathroom look classic.

Consider installing beadboard as part of any bathroom renovation for a completely breathtaking look. When installing beadboard in a bathroom, be sure to use exterior-grade fiberboard or PVC.

Beadboard on Walls

It’s safe to say that beadboard paneling can go on just about any room you have in your home. Beadboard walls can complement almost any space.

It is a great project to consider for home improvement and has the ability to make your home look cleaner and disguise any imperfections on your walls.

Beadboard Wainscoting

Beadboard is a type of wainscoting and serves both a decorative and functional purpose.

Beadboard wainscoting can be inserted creatively into hallways and mudrooms to protect the walls from damage while offering a useful surface where hooks can be placed to hand coats, keys, tools, family photos, etc.

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