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Why Should I get Crown Moulding in My House?

Crown moulding for ceilings has been an integral part of building construction and design since Ancient Egypt. They have remained a popular addition to home construction because they are a quick and easy way to cover the flaw. Crown mouldings give your room a more elegant look and makes the ceilings look higher.

Do Crown Mouldings Add Value to a House?

Ceiling Crown Moulding in Luxury Dining Room

Crown mouldings can increase the value of your home when installed properly because they can upgrade your rooms and give your space a more modern, elegant look. They create a beautiful transition between the ceiling and walls and are a great addition to rooms. Home owners have many options when choosing the type of crown moulding design so you can easily upgrade your rooms no matter what your budget is. Crown moulding styles vary from simple to ornate and range in size and width.

Should I Put Crown Mouldings in Every Room?

Amazing Bathroom with Crown Moulding Trim Toronto

Crown mouldings for ceilings are most commonly found in living rooms, dining rooms, family areas, hallways, entranceways, offices, and kitchens. While they can be used in every room, it doesn’t necessarily mean they should be. Crown moulding designs do not fit with every décor or style. Installing crown moulding styles is a more complicated renovation that requires some fore thought and planning. When deciding whether you should add crown moulding designs to your room, it’s important to consider the type of room you are renovating, the design of the room, and your personal décor taste.

What Kind of Crown Moulding Should I Install?

Bent MDF Crown Moulding Installation by VIP Classic Moulding

When it comes to choosing the right crown moulding style for your room, you have to look at the ceiling height and room size. Choosing crown mouldings that are too big for your room can overpower your space. The crown moulding for your ceiling should be similar in size to your baseboard mouldings to give your room a more symmetrical, balanced look.

For average eight feet ceilings, crown moulding styles should be between six to 15 cm. Seven to 19 cm crown mouldings work well on ceilings that are nine to 10 feet high. If your ceiling height is over 11 feet, your crown moulding designs can range in size from 22 to 60 cm depending on the height and décor of your room. Bigger mouldings look great in formal rooms while smaller-sized mouldings work well in more casual rooms.

Should I Install Crown Myself or Hire a Professional?

Vip classic moudling Team

Unless you are a great handy person, crown mouldings for ceilings should be installed by a professional contracting company. If they are poorly installed, crown mouldings can take away from the look of your room and lower the value of your home.

At VIP Classic Moulding, we are a five-star company with over ten years of experience in crown wall installation. Our team has developed a multi-disciplinary design and installation approach to installing crown mouldings in residential spaces. Contact us today for your free consultation on all your crown moulding for ceilings needs.

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