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Why Use MDF Material for Moulding

There is a wood-based product that has skyrocketed in popularity over the years when it comes to home building and renovations. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), is an attractive, affordable, sustainable, and effective alternative to wood moldings. Learn about the advantages of using MDF material for molding and why it’s a popular choice amongst homeowners alike.

Cost-Effective & Easily Available 

Medium-density fibreboard has the look of real, genuine wood, but is far more affordable because of how it is produced. MDF is recommended because of the economic value it offers when renovating or building a new home. For areas present in every single home such as window sills and skirting boards, this material allows homeowners to customize a mundane spot at no extra cost. The same cannot be said of oak, rosewood, or maple. MDF is available in all sorts of different types and sizes. 

MDF is a Strong, High-Density Material 

The brilliance of MDF is that it is specifically developed to not have a grain. It is derived from a composite blend of high-quality resins and wood fibers. The material will not splinter, tear out, or scorch when in contact with saw blades. It is quite dense, thanks to a drying and pressing process, and exceedingly easy to cut. You can drill into the material without fear of damaging it. Unlike natural wood material, MDF will not crack or warp. It makes for a great alternative to plywood or flimsy particleboard.

Stable, Durable, & Sustainable 

MDF is a long-lasting material that comes with a high fire-resistance rating. The product has improved rapidly since it first landed on hardware store shelves, in large part credited to technological innovation. It has become a significantly durable and long-lasting material that is rather inexpensive, especially when compared to the price of wood. Because MDF moldings are engineered to provide both maximum flexibility and durability, you can use this material when you next replace your skirting board. Sit back and notice how well it handles the effects weather has on the house! It is equipped to deal with such things as warping, bending, shrinking and expansion.

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Tuscany 7” Flex

Smooth Polished Surface, Perfect For Painting and Layering

Because medium density fibreboard lacks grain, it has a nice smooth uniform surface that is very easy to paint. A quality sheet of MDF will offer a flat, smooth, and even surface that is both easy to paint and seal. Many homeowners opt to emulate the appearance of natural wood with their MDF and treat it with wood stain or laminates. You won’t find any real wood that offers a smoother, better finish. Medium-density fibreboard is considered the go-to alternative to natural wood.

Environmentally Friendly 

There are a number of environmentally friendly factors associated with the production of medium-density fibreboard. It is created solely with plantation wood and has little formaldehyde emissions. Under high heat, natural wood can emit formaldehyde. One of the benefits of MDF is that since it is a neutral material, there is no concern of Volatile Organic Compounds, VOC’s, leaching into your home.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of MDF is the actual manner in which it is created. Medium-density fibreboard is produced from both soft and hardwood scraps that would otherwise get incinerated or tossed into a landfill. There are no deforestation concerns when it comes to MDF so you can have peace of mind knowing your home build or renovation isn’t contributing to so much waste. 

Say No to Termites & Insects 

Since MDF is made from recycled wood scraps and special epoxy that bands the material together into one durable sheet, it is not a preferred material for insects like termites and borer beetles and it deters fungal growth exceedingly well.

Why We Use MDF Material for your Classic Mouldings

The benefits of medium-density fibreboard speak for themselves! Who doesn’t like keeping more money in their wallet while helping the planet? Whether it’s baseboards, trim, or crown molding, MDF is an impressive material that homeowners will enjoy all around. Call the professionals at VIP Classic Moulding to get this superior product in your home today or for more information about any of our other ceiling designs and moldings installation services.

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