Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels

VIP Classic Moulding has been servicing Toronto and the GTA for over 15 years as a 5-star-rated crown moulding and custom renovation company. We are very excited to announce the latest service we offer, selling and installing acoustic slat wooden wall panels. Homeowners will be drawn to the beauty of our wood designs because the simplicity and ease of slat panels allows for customization of a wall or walls. In addition to enhancing the ascetics of a room, a sound absorption feature amplifies the acoustics to make for the best looking and best sounding room in your house. Elevate any space by choosing VIP Classic Moulding to install acoustic slat wood wall panels with a professional finish at an affordable cost.

What are acoustic slat wood wall panels?

Acoustic wood slat wall panels are large, textile panels that are placed on room walls to improve sound quality and are often used to elevate interior design. They can be cut into a range of sizes and shapes and customised to compliment the design of your room. Wood slat panels are innovative wall coverings that offer many advantages. This is an affordable alternative for Toronto and GTA residents to add a fresh look to their home. Wood slat panels are timeless and fit in seamlessly with any style.

Moreover, our acoustic panels are as functional as they are stylish. For as visually stunning as they look, its practical material can remove residual sound in any space. When VIP Classic Moulding installs our slat wood wall panels correctly in your room of choice, they will absorb or diffuse sound from the first point of reflection. Because acoustic panels are so effective, you can use far less paneling and save on costs of materials and labour time. Wood slats also help improve your home’s energy efficiency, thus, reducing maintenance charges associated with heating or cooling systems.

Timeless and Effortlessly Modern Design

Our slat walls will upgrade the style of any room, lifting the entire interior in your home. The chic modern design provides a new atmosphere, evolving the expression of your home to a whole new level.  Homeowners love VIP Classic Moulding’s wood slat panels because it is an inexpensive renovation project that adds a fresh look to your home. Installation is easy and does not require major structural work since it can be applied over existing walls or on a new wall entirely.

Slat wood paneling provides homeowners with a unique sense of style, adding an exotic touch to your home. It is appealing in any room and can give your house new life. This wall product is your best design choice for natural, organic, eco-friendly house decor. A wood slat wall elevates your wall pattern and ties the room together to achieve a more beautiful, natural looking appearance.

Our Products

8′ $199.99 CAD per panel
9′ $224.99 CAD per panel
10′ $279.99 CAD per panel

Wood Slat Acoustic Wall Panels Specifications

Explore the technical prowess behind Wood Slat Acoustic Wall Panels. If you have any questions, please chat with our specialists.


Acoustic wall slat panel made of 3 layers:
1. Polyester fibre felt
2. E0 grade MDF slat layer
3. Final layer – natural wood veneer

Stain Finished.

Actual Size:

8 ft. x 2 ft. (94 5/8” x 23 5/8”)
9 ft. x 2 ft. (106 3/8” x 23 5/8”)
10 ft. x 2 ft. (118 3/8” x 23 5/8”)


8 ft. x 2 ft. = 23 lbs
9 ft. x 2 ft. = 26 lbs
10 ft. x 2 ft. = 29 lbs

Fireproof grade:

Grade B1 meets flammability standard UL 94 HF – 6

Soundproof Grade: 

Polyester fibre felt 3/8” sheet cover 16 sq.ft or 20sq.ft NRC 0.40

Benefits of acoustic wooden slat wall panels

1. Enhanced Aesthetics

Our wooden slat acoustic wall panels give any room a more modern look, including your home, office, or public space. The vertical wood slats have a hint of tradition with a contemporary twist, and a recycled felt backing material as well. The slat wood panels VIP Classic Moulding installs were not just designed and manufactured for attractive aesthetic appeal, but also to be adaptable to virtually any environment. With how easy it is to alter the size and shape of the wood acoustic panels; homeowners can have a slat wall with options such as a framed television or a feature window. The panels can also be mounted on curved surfaces due to the flexibility of the acoustic felt backing.

2. Increased Privacy

For those instances where you may not want others easily listening in or overhearing your conversations, our acoustic panels make confidentiality simple. As opposed to hard surfaces that bounce sound around a room, our acoustic panels absorb sound. The main benefit here is by deadening a space with better sound absorption, you are preventing voices from carrying and echoing for everyone to hear.

3. Acoustic Sound Barrier

Reduce unwanted noise and enhance the acoustic barrier of your space with our innovative soundproof backing felt. Installing acoustic wall panels to absorb sounds can be a simple yet effective plan of adding comfort to any given room.

4. Less Stress

Acoustic panels can lead to you feeling less stress in your home by eliminating loud noises and reverberations, both of which frazzle nerves. The last thing anyone wants when they come home is more stress, so VIP Classic Moulding will install acoustic panels in the right positions throughout your home so you can benefit from better sound.

5. Better Entertainment

The high-quality acoustic panels we provide create a theatre-like experience at home, saving you from buying an expensive sound system. The beveled edges and other design aspects diffuse the sound as well. Hard surfaces such as hardwood, concrete, glass, and tile don’t create the most optimal environment for relaxation and enjoyment because sound can reverberate at high levels. Our slat panels break up and redirect noise to help keep a room sounding clearer and more natural.

Wood Slat Wall Panel Cleaning Instructions

To clean and maintain your acoustic slat wood wall panels follow these simple steps:

  1. Use a vacuum with a small narrow fitting that will allow you to reach in between the wood slats in order to collect dust from the fibre felt.
  2. Wipe down the wooden slats with a clean slightly damp sponge mixed in soap and lukewarm water, as a substitute you can use non-chemical products like BONA, PINE-SOL, DAWN, or any other mixtures of your choice.

IMPORTANT: Please do not rub or soak the wooden slats! Remember a gentle wipe down is all you need and that will do its job!

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Why Choose VIP Classic Moulding for wood slat wall panels 

VIP Classic Moulding’s wooden slat wall panels enhance your room into a space that is more aesthetically pleasing, sound soothing, comfortable, less stress inducive, and increasingly entertaining. Our expertise in installing wooden slat acoustic wall panels is unmatched and we are committed to providing homeowners with the best quality materials and service.

Whether its wood slat wall panels installation, crown moulding, wainscotting or any of our other services, contact VIP Classic Moulding by submitting a request online or calling to learn more.