Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceiling installation is a classical component of architecture that involves a series of perfectly square recesses in a surface, usually a ceiling. Coffered ceilings must be very precise, so it is important that the necessary components be machined in a proper shop, rather than on-site. as a five-star rated moulding company, We machine all ceiling components in our own shop to keep your home clean and to keep installation lightning quick.

Cornice Mouldings are decorative architectural elements that conceal the joint where the ceiling meets the wall. Moulding is the Canadian and United Kingdom spelling of “molding,” and therefore a person should research both spellings when searching for cornice moulding. The three different types of decorative cornice are:

  • roving, which is a paper-covered plaster core;
  • machined wood;
  • molded type, which is available in various materials

Mouldings are available in many styles, from classic to modern.

iving room moulding design

lighting 2 - Coffered Ceiling

Why People Choose Cornice Mouldings

People choose to use cornice mouldings for different reasons. Many older homes have existing cornice or Crown Moulding, and homeowners may use the cheaper and lighter poly product mouldings to mimic the existing moulding in new rooms or to repair damaged existing moulding. One type of cornice moulding is custom-made expanded polystyrene moulding that matches existing moulding, and often renovation and restoration specialists make the moulding themselves.

Modern Foam Mouldings

A more popular type of cornice moulding is the modern foam or poly product plastic mouldings. Homeowners usually can install this moulding using a simple saw and adhesive. Many of the designs are replicas of the traditional plaster or wood mouldings found in older homes, such as Victorian era buildings. Cornice mouldings date back to ancient times and were popular in Greek, Roman, and other regional architecture. Many of the modern styles are plainer, lacking the frilly and flowery details of older mouldings.

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