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Coffered ceiling installation is a classical component of architecture that involves a series of perfectly square recesses in a surface, usually a ceiling. Coffered ceilings must be very precise, so it is important that the necessary components be machined in a proper shop, rather than on-site. as a five-star rated moulding company, We machine all ceiling components in our own shop to keep your home clean and to keep installation lightning quick.

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Coffered Ceilings Can Create Beautiful Interiors

There are many designs, and you can go for a more traditional approach by using wood accents or unique, dramatic patterns. The more modern approach often reduces wood accents in favour of plain white coffers an pairs the design with pot-lights.

Your coffered ceiling addition can easily be used to create a gorgeous interior design that centres around pattern or light, and can add dimension to any living area. By using unique patterning, you can create a textured, layered and detailed area that draws eyes to it. Doing so can create a sleek, traditional architecture that really brings out the heavy formality of your space. If your room looks too plain, adding coffers will add the detail you need to keep the eye pleased. You can orient your ceiling around a light fixture, or go for the more modern approach of simply inserting pot lights into the ceiling.

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Many companies offer detailed ornamental designs which can create an eye pleasing display that draws attention. To really get the most out of your ceiling design, we recommend hiring a professional interior designer to recommend you what would work best with your room or rooms.

A coffered ceiling must be very precise and well designed, as sloppy and uneven work is immediately noticeable. For this reason, VIP Classic Moulding machines all ceiling components in our own show to prevent any unfortunate mishaps, keep your home clean, and make for quick and easy installation.

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Preparation in a proper shop also guarantees that the ceiling will be fitted perfectly, and all components will be properly prepared and measured. When installed, a coffered ceiling is an excellent decorative element to liven up a room, add dramatic traditional flair to any area or simply to highlight existing light. Coffered ceilings come in a variety of styles, so we recommend you do your research and get some ideas to approach installation.

Our company has installed many coffered ceilings in the past, and we make it our responsibility to provide you with the absolute best service and quality available. Visit our website gallery of past coffered ceiling installation projects for ideas.

Coffered Ceilings Installation

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Coffered ceilings are a classical component of architecture generally used in homes to add interest to a plain ceiling, or room. A coffered ceiling involves as series of perfect square recesses in a surface, in this case a ceiling, which is often used in conjunction with crown moulding or cornice moulding to create a decorative ceiling area.

As coffered ceilings are difficult to create, and require perfect and precise components to construct, it is recommended that the components be manufactured in a shop rather than on-site. This will allow you to prevent lopsided squares or mistakes.

Coffered Ceiling Installation Process

A coffered ceiling installation will generally begin with your contractor taking a series of precise measurements, then giving them to the shop to manufacture. Many homeowners install pot-lights in addition to coffered ceilings, or use the coffered ceiling to attract attention to a lighting piece such as a chandelier or candelabra.

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VIP Classic Moulding will manufacture all your coffered ceiling components in our shop before installation, to ensure a perfect ceiling design.

Here is what our process looks like:

  1. Free consultation: From the first consultation we can provide you with an accurate estimate of cost and time, and what we can do to make your project a reality.
  2. Measurements: Because coffered ceiling installation is such a precise job, we ensure that the measurements we take are completely accurate and no mistakes are made before we head to the shop to manufacture components.
  3. Manufacturing: All the necessary components will be made in our shop, prior to installation. This way you are guaranteed accurate and well made components for your new ceiling.
  4. Installation: We will install your coffered ceiling in as quick a time as possible, so that you can have your finished project in a short time. Our teams are professional and always ensure to provide customers with post- construction cleanup so that your home is clean and untarnished by the construction process.
  5. Enjoy your new ceiling: With construction completed, you are left to enjoy your new coffered ceiling.

Coffered Ceilings Uses

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Coffered ceilings can be used to create a modern or traditional interior design, by matching the wood and paint used to the décor of the home. If you are planning on installing a coffered ceiling take the time to consider whether you wish to paint over your ceiling, install pot-lights, or use it to accentuate an existing lighting fixture. You may also consider installation of crown or cornice mouldings, as well as baseboards to finish the look.

VIP Classic Moulding installs, designs and manufactures the components necessary for the process of installing a coffered ceiling, meaning that when you hire our company you are getting the complete package complete with a ten-year warranty on your new ceiling. We strive to keep on-site installation quick, and leave your home in the same state it was before we came in, with the added benefit of a coffered ceiling.

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